U.N. Human Rights Council Adopts Gaza War Report That Condemns Israel


United Nations Human Rights CouncilThe United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) overwhelmingly voted to adopt a resolution backing the Gaza Conflict Commission of Inquiry’s recent report on last year’s war between Israel and the Hamas terrorist group.

Forty-one council members voted in favor of the resolution, including several European allies of Israel such as France, Germany, U.K., Ireland, and the Netherlands. Five countries abstained from the vote: Kenya, Ethiopia, Macedonia, India, and Paraguay. The U.S. made the lone vote against the report.

Israel’s representative to the UNHRC, Eviatar Manor, called the resolution an “anti-Israel manifesto,” saying it “distorts the intention of the authors of the report by completely ignoring alleged violations of [international law] committed by Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups,” the Times of Israel reported.

The report, headed by former New York State Supreme Court judge Mary McGowan Davis, found that both Israel and Hamas committed “serious violations of international humanitarian law” in Gaza that “may amount to war crimes.”

While the report criticized Hamas for “indiscriminate” targeting of Israeli civilians with rockets, it placed heavy blame on Israel for the deaths of 1,462 civilians among the total of 2,251 Palestinians who died in the conflict.




  1. There ONE major mistake in this article. It is not the United Nations Human Rights Counsil – IT IS THE UNITED ARAB NATIONS DE-HUMANIZE COUNCIL

  2. About time this criminal UN authority was closed down. Every law in the World allows self protection and enforcement of law when being attacked. So what is different here. Israel sought advice before any bombing not to harm any civilians. So how can the UN even be trusted if it is so blind and cannot see the trust. Close them down. Expensive means to protect oneselves. They need to get their eyes and ears examined.

  3. הלכה היא וידוע שעשו שונא את יעקב .
    How much more blatant a story does one need to comprehend this מאמר חז”ל?
    The UN should be tossed out of America. It serves absolutely no purpose! Why are our tax dollars going toward its upkeep. I’d rather deBlasio’s ‘horse-stable-investors’ try to toss the UN and build there!

  4. Once again President Obama stands with Israel at the UN against the rest of the world. Thank you, Mr. President.

  5. “Kol d’mei achecha tzo’akim alai”
    The blood of the brave IDF soldiers that was spilled as part of the tremendous Israeli expenditure to avoid harming Gaza civilians is screaming from the earth over this unjust vicious false blood libel.


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