UK Man Regains Consciousness After Exposure To Novichok Nerve Agent


The U.K. man who was exposed to deadly nerve agent Novichok regained consciousness on Tuesday after a week in the hospital in critical condition.

Charlie Rowley, 45, is showing “small but significant improvement,” from the Russian nerve agent, a poison he was likely exposed to after coming into contact with leftovers from a previous attack. Ex Russian spy Sergei and his daughter Yulia Skripal were poisoned in March, just a few miles away from where the new attack happened. Britain has accused Russia of attempting to assassinate the former spy, an allegation the Kremlin has denied.

Rowley and his girlfriend Dawn Sturgess, 44, fell ill on June 30 after being exposed to Novichok in Amesbury, England, reported The Guardian. Sturgess died on Sunday.

Read more at The Daily Caller.



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