Under Trump Attack, Biden Says He Will Be Firm With China


Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is articulating an agenda aimed at giving the United States a competitive edge over China and cracking down on Beijing’s abuses, going on offense against President Trump on an issue that the incumbent has made a focus of his reelection effort.

Biden hasn’t yet delivered a comprehensive address on foreign policy or China, but he has sprinkled his policy proposals throughout remarks on his domestic agenda and public statements on his plans for the economy, human rights and the environment.

Earlier this month, Biden proposed new policies aimed at cracking down on China’s competitive economic advantages and said he would take measures to confront Beijing’s human rights abuses with respect to Hong Kong and camps in the country’s Xinjiang region.

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  1. why is he getting involved in china’s human rights stuff? this is the problem every president talks about other countries human rights and stuff like that. take care of our country and once were in prefect shape you could get involved in other stuff. which is one of the reasons that im going to be voting for trump

  2. This priviliged WHITE draft dodger, Joe Biden, should worry about what his son Hunter did with the Ukrainians. The masked one is using China issues as a diversion for his families crimes.


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