United Hatzolah Slams MDA After Mean Spirited Purim Shpiel

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Members of United Hatzolah are expressign outrage after a video from a Purim skit at the Magen David Adom Purim party poked fun at the dedicated volunteers of United Hatzolah.

In a statement to BELAAZ, the head of the United Hatzolah Eli Beer called the skit “anti semetic.”
“This is plain hatred and terrible anti-Semitism that comes straight from the top managers. If this was in Europe the whole world would condemn them.”


  1. While Eli beer is right that the way they portrayed it was antisemitism. The fact is that ichud hatzalah is not an orthodox let alone charaidi organization. On the other hand the rest of the skit is pretty accurate as to how many of their members act and treat patients. Ichud hatzalah is more concerned with pr and response time then they are about having competent members. I know personally of cases where ichud hatzalah got to the call first and either didn’t know what to do or did nothing till MDA came. But they made sure that they were in the pictures and will claim that they got their first. Big deal that they got there first they still didnt treat the patient first. They are an organization that has a lot of potential but they have to clean up their act.


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