Upcoming LTB 2014 Electrifies Jewish Business Community With Revolutionary Agenda

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ltb-business-summitHistory was made last year with the launching of LTB 2013. Hailed as North America’s very first Jewish business summit, it made waves across the Jewish world and beyond; its impact is still reverberating.

New ideas and business concepts were shared, powerful networking relationships were formed, lucrative financial investments were obtained, and for the over 500 committed businesspeople who came together to learn and grow, it was an event which absolutely changed the face of business.

In the aftermath of LTB 2013 it quickly became apparent that this platform would set the new standard for commerce in the community. Amidst an outpouring of enthusiastic messages of support, the groundwork for LTB 2014 was laid – with the goal of building upon the success of last year to guarantee a bigger, better and bolder experience.

Which has lead to the kickoff debut of LTB 2014.

The full-day business conference will feature inspiring keynote lectures; interactive breakaway sessions on topics like leadership, sales, marketing, e-commerce, time management and finances; one-on-one networking opportunities with some of the Jewish community’s most successful entrepreneurs; and a CEO Roundtable Session where corporate executives take to the stage and share their personal business challenges, ideas and solutions.

Masterminded by Meny Hoffman, the CEO of Ptex Group, the upcoming LTB 2014 will be uniting entrepreneurs, business owners and employees who are all dedicated to overcoming the challenges and complexities of everyday commerce.

“We’ve spent the past few months working hard to coalesce the brightest corporate speakers who’ve presented for influential companies spanning a variety of industries,” says Meny. “They’ve spoken for AT&T, Chase, IBM and Zappos, and they’ll show LTB 2014 attendees what it takes to achieve lasting business success.”

Being held on July 8, 2014, at The Rockleigh in New Jersey, the luxurious event venue was chosen specifically for its ability to host a bigger audience, allow for ample parking, and provide attendees with more spacious grounds.

“The fact that it’s in close proximity to New York City, as well as the Catskills, also allows us to accommodate the schedules of people vacationing upstate and will make the drive in easier for everybody,” adds Meny.

One of the crowning highlights at LTB 2014 will undoubtedly be The Launch PadTM. Sponsored by Brooklyn Financial Group (BFG), this original, reality show-based competition features business pitches from aspiring entrepreneurs to a panel of wealthy investors – with a potential $1 million on-the-spot investment opportunity on the line.

“We’ve upped the game this year, and you’ll be amazed to see who’ll be sitting live at The Launch Pad,” notes program host and community activist Josh Rubenstein. “You can expect bigger names, better deals and bolder investments. You’ll witness up close how these financial powerhouses negotiate and determine which deals to accept. It’s going to be fascinating.”

Like so many of other entrepreneurs and business owners who attended last year’s summit, attendee Bentzy Waxman saw an obvious need for a large, upscale event like LTB in the Jewish community.

“So many young people are thrown into the business world without possessing the knowledge and skills required to successfully kick-start or grow a business,” Bentzy observes. “They need help in learning how to balance a budget, plan strategy or effectively position their business in a competitive marketplace. At long last, they have a source willing to teach them.”

LTB 2014 is being presented by Ptex Group, an award-winning marketing and business services agency headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. Admission for LTB 2014 is being limited to only 600 attendees and a large number of available registration passes have been reserved.

As the Title Sponsor of LTB 2014, Fidelity Payment Services – renowned as one of the largest electronic payment providers in North America – has once again partnered with this event, along with other renowned companies, to turn this into a reality.

“The Jewish community has an amazingly high number of entrepreneurs,” says Fidelity CEO Benjamin Weiser. “We’re in every segment, in every market, and we have the drive to succeed. All that’s needed is a solid support system, filled with tools and solutions to help us accomplish more. The LTB concept mirrors the mission of Fidelity: to help the businesspeople in our community succeed in a spectacular way. Sponsoring LTB 2014 is a worthwhile investment – in every sense of the word.”

According to would-famous orator and returning event emcee, Charlie Harary, Esq., people have come to realize that you need to dedicate time for working on your business instead of in your business.

“Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee of a thriving company, this is a rare opportunity to spend an entire day sharing business wisdom in a dynamic environment promoting growth,” he concludes. “It promises to connect the Jewish community in an unprecedented fashion. Skillfully blending unity and business acumen in one contained event: that’s what’ll be happening at LTB 2014.”

To learn more about LTB 2014, CLICK HERE or call 718-513-2222.

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