Update On Wendy Runge


wendy-weiner-rungeWendy Runge’s appeal was scheduled for Simchas Torah. The court refused to change the date saying that they would decide the appeal without her or her lawyer present.

Wendy was only informed of their decision a few days ago. Her appeal was rejected, meaning that they were upholding the 10 yr sentence imposed by the original presiding judge.

She now has only two weeks, until Nov. 20th, to put together a final appeal to the Iowa Supreme Court.

Tehillim is being organized to say the whole sefer every day from now until Nov. 20th for her yeshua, for the Supreme Court to agree to hear the appeal and overturn the lower court’s ruling and that Wendy should be able to attend her daughter Talia’s wedding on Shevat 2/ January 13 in Eretz Israel. Email miriamleahk@yahoo.com the perokim you will say.

Read more about Wendy’s case here and here.

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  1. Americans and Yidden …It’s time to wake up!!!
    as Pilar Rahola explained:
    Canaries are brought into coal mines to measure contamination.
    When they die the level of contamination is very high.
    When Jews die because they are Jews the contamination of democracy has reached a dangerous level.
    Jews are democracies canaries:
    They live and die to extent that liberty lives or dies .
    Jews first, then everyone else”
    Iowa is referred to as the Heartland?!!
    Can this case be Justice??!
    It sets a dangerous precedent!!!
    It’s immoral to be silent!!!
    Let’s organize solidarity for a sister.

  2. Antisemitism is very real!! Hashem is sending all of klal yisroel a message to come “Home”. This is only the beginning get out while you can, bchavod! Ever read about Rav Nir Ben Artzi? Quite inspiring, check it out!! Moshiach is almost here!


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