UPSTATE HATE: Catskills Residents Begin Pre-Summer Anti-Jewish Online Rhetoric


As the summer months are beginning to roll in, resident anti Semites in Sullivan County in upstate New York are revving up the hate in preparation for the influx of Orthodox Jews who make their way to their bungalows starting around Shavuos time.

A Facebook group called “UNCENSORED SULLIVAN COUNTY NEW YORK NEWS and POLITICS” had a post up this week which read:

“Measles Migration in full swing its a parking lot on 17!! Minivans carrying measels to a bungalow near you!! [sic]

Some of the comments were equally nasty, with one man responding that, “I am not saying they are all bad. But the majority I’ve come in contact with ruin it for the rest of them.”



  1. I’m pretty sure that if news outlets like this one wouldn’t have worked so hard to spread hate among our own, we wouldn’t be seeing this now.

  2. Yes, they are dead wrong. Don’t legally get married? 1500 food stamps for 10 kids? Most of them are bad and ruin it for the good ones? Come on, if this isn’t anti semitism or at least total ignorance and prejudice then what is?

  3. To anonymous:
    Anti semitism has been alive and well in upstate ever since I can remember, although measles will not help the situation. Perhaps an overall improvement in our interactions with the upstate residents would be in order. Not acting as if we own the place and practicing basic manners would be a start.
    Yes. We are in galus. The goy will hate us regardless, but we have a responsibility to make a kiddush Hashem.

  4. FYI, quote from NYC Health website: “As of May 29, 2019, there have been 550 confirmed cases in NYC since September” not 1000. If someone is vaccinated they have a minuscule risk of getting measles. And before the measles outbreak all was hunky dory for the anti semites and self hating Jews?

    • “The minuscule risk” is because they’re not exposed to measles. Otherwise, ALL those who are not up to date with their vaccination (within the last 3 years) can get measles. Unlike those who had the actual measles as children are immune for life. BTW going to their Health website is like going to WaPo for news.

  5. These are HATERS they hate us every year, every day, every second. This year they are just hiding behind the Measles rhetoric that so many among us consider a legitimate cause. If you look back in history, antisemitism is not caused by diseases or any other legitimate reason, rather those ‘reasons’ are used to validate the hatred.

    Hatred is Hatred & must be dealt with.

    Stop blaming the victims!! Oh if we’d only do ______ or not do _______ no one would hate us. (fill in your gripe – driving nicely, vaccinating, helping non-jews, etc, I’ve seen it all)

    History proves you all wrong. No matter how perfect we are, they’ll still hate us. That’s why its called Antisemitism & not anti-vax or anti bad drivers. They hate us because we are Jews and that’s all (Statistics show we are better behaved & have higher vax rates than the average American town.)

    • Maybe if you took more responsibility for your own actions while you are visiting for the 3 months you are here, there would be no reason for the hatred. How about the way you mistreat the locals that live here 12 months out of the year. You believe you are the chosen people, but that doesnt give you the right to treat others as less then human! You do not have to love us, but these towns are our home, why can’t you treat it as such! You visit 3 months out of 12, year after year, and you all complain about the way you are treated, so when the locals do the same, you call us Anti-Semites! I am Jewish, how the hell can I be an anti-semite, oh wait I am not of the Hassidic sect nor do I live in Kyras Joel, so in your eyes I am not Jewish! I hold you all responsible for your own actions or the lack there of! The Talmud teaches you to love thy neighbor, so I ask you, when you make your summer trip to the Catskills, DO YOU LOVE THY NEIGHBOR?

  6. If they weren’t so rude, paid taxes, and tried to fit in maybe locals would accept them. Get vaccinated it’s the law.

    • They arent rude…they pay taxes like the rest of em..and they dont have to fit in…whatever that means. Nothing wring with doing their own thing, so long as it doesnt hurt anyone….its a free democratic country where freedom of religion reigns.

  7. Who is to blame for this? CDC, Big Pharma, Andrew Cuomo, Bill deBlasio, Day, Fake news MSM, online media outlets (Jewish and non-Jewish), pro pharma doctors, and leaders of our communities who care more about what the goyim think of us rather than questioning the status quo on this issue. Shame on them.

  8. We have Jews who hate Jews and hide behind the “law” “menchlichkeit” “chillul Hashem”…

    There is no greater chillul Hashem then the daily hatred of frum Jews on the supposedly frum websites.

    The goyim hate us because they are Jealous!!!

    Do they question all their neighbors if they have food stamps? Do they question anyone how they conduct themselves with their money? NO

    Do they pay a fraction of the taxes that these Jews that come up to the mountains pay?

    The shame is, that a lot of these anti Semitic lines come from within our community, shame on them!!!!

    • True…true..and some of the self hating are frum who cannot deal with the idea that some families need help and they should be grateful that its not them. Besides…they think they ” earned” their parnassa instead of realizing G- d loaned it to them…more or less to help their less fortunate brothers out!Hey…you richeees out there..the wheel can turn in a moment…remember that.

  9. Please know that not everyone here in Sullivan County is so ignorant. Shamefully there are many that hate everyone who is not exactly like they are. Their bigotry runs deeper than just Jewish people.

  10. Nobody needs to prove anything to you…food stamps serve a purpose.. dont make ppl rude or bad. Why are you so bothered? Millions of ppl have does not reflect character just financial status at times…its a great excuse to hide what really bothers you!!!

  11. They will never appreciate anything the jew does, including boost their sales in the summer…after all…its the jew…too bad…we are here to stay…Maybe if they didnt show such overt hatred, some ppl would act more respectful. Like calls to like.

  12. Amain. My thought’s exactly. And if every single Yid would be vaccinated, then they will suddenly love us??? Same thing with driving habits. The goyim/non religious hate us because they are jealous of our success in life, raising normal families, functional for the most part. Every segment of society has their bad apples and only ignorant boor’s make broad brush judgement’s based on that. Yes we are in galus and Aisav soneh liyaakov.
    Yes, all my children have been vaccinated B”H.

    • You call kiryas joel being the highest welfare town in the country, “jealousy” no one is jealous of the satmar. Not even orthodox. Play the antisemite card all you want. But facts are facts. You block vote and ruin towns for your own personal 3 month betterment. You abuse state assistance, question the requirement of education of children. And hide behind your “religion” as the purpose. As far as I’m concerned, Mr. Devine’ s comment stating that the small satmar make the whole of Hasidics look bad is pretty spot on.

      By the way, YOU DON’T GET TO CALL US GOYIM AND THEN CALL US PREJUDICE. Idiots. That’s like when Spanish people call white people “racist gringos”

      Oxy MORONS if you ask me.

  13. matzav is doing a disservice to jews by claiming that its hate. they may be ignorant, like so many people are ignorant about people that are different than themselves.

  14. We live in America everyone is “INNOCENT until proven GUILTY!

    Your hatred is apparent!!!!

    Stop making up stories!!!!

  15. Unfortunately all the bloggers slinging mud at each other has created so much sinah. Our sonim also read this. We have perpetuated this. It’s time to stop all these blogs and see what has come out of this. There are way more mumps around the USA. Have we heard about it? Only if it’s in our machane does it become an issue. How about Matzav and all other frum websites disallow bloggers from bashing each other.

  16. As I tend to respond to these low-lifes online, “take out the word ‘Jew’ and substitute ‘black.’ Would you say the same thing?

  17. To the fine people of Sullivan County, I proclaim to you the following:
    1) me and my kids are vaccinated
    2) my family and I are NOT on food stamps
    3) I will obey all traffic laws
    4) I will not drive like a big city maniac
    5) I don’t drive a minivan
    5) I will not pollute the beautiful environment or cause harm to local populace or wildlife in any way
    6) I will help stimulate the local economy by shopping in Sullivan
    7) please excuse any of my co religionists who may seem a bit brash, I assure you it is not done out of malice
    8) thank you and have a great summer

    To the fine Jewish people who visit Sullivan County:
    1) please ensure ALL your kids are vaccinated!
    2) don’t drive like beheimos (wild maniacs)
    3) don’t litter or ruin the beautiful upstate eco-system, take any Bloom’s potato chip bags with you when you leave the park
    4) be kind and decent to ALL, a simple smile or “good morning” can turn a person’s day around
    5) be considerate, stop honking all the time!
    6) Know that we are guests in this region, be a good guest and obey the local rules
    7) Thank you, and have a great summer

    Baruch from Brooklyn

  18. I live here all year long, and the only good thing about the summer is the money, and now that I have a full time job, I don’t need that either. People go make minyanim without permission from the local shuls even though the gedolim, both litvishe and chassidishe, said you need permission from local rabbonim before making a separate minyan.

    All of my kids are vaccinated.

    I used to be on foodstamps, but not anymore BH. Donald Trump fixed the economy that Obama destroyed. You actually get more foodstamps by being legally married, so the whole thing about not getting legally married is a lie. The truth is tons of Hasidic couples get their marriage licenses upstate so they don’t have to wait in line in Brooklyn. Also in KJ before the split from Monroe, 80% of the marriage licenses in the Town of Monroe were from KJ. I saw stacks of marriage licenses in the Satmar Rebbe’s office in KJ.


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