Urgent: Prevent Assimilation and Destruction in our own Backyards…..

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We all just stood on Yom Hadin before the Borei Olam asking for all the Tzaros of 5780 to come to an end. Tichleh shannah vekiloloseha…..

But, while we make these personal requests, it is incumbent upon us to no longer ignore the tragedy that is unfolding before are very own eyes, in our very own backyards.

Unfortunately, there are approximately 10,000 public school kids who come from traditional Jewish homes who attend public school all over Queens and Brooklyn. We come across these kids in local pizza shops, parks, and community facilities. But, do we ever ask what we can do to bring them back to the fold?

Although most people associate the CHAZAQ organization with their inspirational shiurim, Baruch Hashem, CHAZAQ is also at the forefront of fighting assimilation by inspiring public school children of all ages via their afterschool programs throughout the New York area.

In fact, when it comes to shiurim, in a 12 month period there were:

275 Chazaq Lectures.

In 35 Cities.

90 Locations.

13,727 different people in attendance.

499,397 On-Line Viewers

During that time, and this is most important, here is what Chazaq accomplished with Public school students:

1,297 Students were touched by CHAZAQ programs.

228 transferred to Yeshiva!


During COVID-19 when everyone was stuck at home, CHAZAQ was there to continue giving Chizuk to Klal Yisroel.

534 Streamed Chazaq Lectures.

388,249 Devices Tuned in.

10+ hours of daily zoom classes for PS students.

106 transferred to Yeshiva.

Indeed, since starting the “No Child Left Behind” Campaign in 2017, CHAZAQ has transferred over 920 public school students to Yeshiva.

These accomplishments are unheard of anywhere in the world.

But, while this is all great we must not be satisfied. There are approximately 10,000 neshamos still in Public schools! They need more afterschool programs, more youth centers, more of CHAZAQ’s Avodas Hakodesh!

Now on Tuesday-Wednesday September 22nd and 23rd, only moments before Yom Kippur, we need all segments of Klal Yisroel to join and partner with CHAZAQ to continue the fight against assimilation.

Every donation is doubled thanks to generous matchers, so the impact is greater than ever.

As the Raavad of the Eidah Hacharedis, Rav Moshe Shternbuch shlit”a, stated, CHAZAQ’s Avodah is a “Meis Mitzvah”, everyone must be involved!

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There is no greater time to join than now.

Visit GiveChazaq.com and help save more yiddishe neshamos today.



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