U.S. Admits Iran Will Get $20B from Sanctions Relief

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hasan-rouhani-iranSenior officials in the Obama administration have conceded in conversations with Israeli colleagues that the value of the economic sanctions relief to Iran could be much higher than originally thought in Washington, security sources in Israel told Ha’aretz.

Official U.S. statements said the economic relief would be $6-7 billion. Israeli assessments were $20 billion. The Americans now concede in their talks with Israel that the sanctions relief is worth much more.

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  1. Why does Obama always lie? He thinks everyone is stupid? And why is he letting them have money when they obviously have enough to send arms and terrorists all over? Is he a fool or on their side? You decide.

  2. Obama shaking hands with Raul Castro while a Jewish U.S. citizen, Alan Gross, languishes endlessly in a Cuban prison.

    Obama nuzzles with the Cubans and gives goodies to Iran while his own fellow citizen rots in jail.

    Nice job, Obama, of having the best interests of your fellow American citizens in mind.


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