U.S. Jewish Day School Enrollment Rises, Non-Orthodox Enrollment Down


yeshivaEnrollment at American Jewish day schools has increased by 12 percent since the last study on the issue in 2009 and 37 percent since 1999, but enrollment at non-Orthodox schools is down, according to The Avi Chai Foundation’s newly released fourth census of Jewish day schools.

Enrollment at hasidic schools has grown 110 percent and enrollment at yeshivas has grown 60 percent, the census shows. Non-Orthodox enrollment, meanwhile, now accounts for only 13 percent of total Jewish day school enrollment in the U.S., a decrease of 20 percent since 1999.

There are 861 Jewish day schools in 37 states across the U.S. and the District of Columbia. In New York and New Jersey, enrollment has grown by 45 percent and 116 percent, respectively, since the 1999 census.





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