US Lifts Pause, Allowing J&J COVID-19 Vaccinations To Resume

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U.S. health officials have lifted an 11-day pause on Johnson & Johnson vaccinations following a recommendation by an expert panel.

Advisers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday the benefits of the single-dose COVID-19 shot outweigh a rare risk of blood clots.

Panel members said it’s critical that younger women be told about that risk so they can decide if they’d rather choose another vaccine. The CDC and Food and Drug Administration agreed.

European regulators earlier this week made a similar decision, deciding the clot risk was small enough to allow the rollout of J&J’s shot.

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  1. Now that J&J paid a hefty bribe fee to the CDC crooks J&J have suddenly no more blood clots and they’re allowed to continue. Let’s not forget that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention crooks own over 20 vaccine patents. And these crooks are the ones who the gullible sheep rely on.


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