US Urges WHO to Start Review of Pandemic Response, Seeks Reforms


The United States called on the World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday to begin work immediately on investigating the source of the novel coronavirus, as well as its own handling of the response to the pandemic.

Admiral Brett P. Giroir, US assistant secretary for health, told the WHO’s executive board in a written statement: “As President Trump just made clear in his May 18 letter to Director-General Tedros, there is no time to waste to begin on the reforms needed to ensure such a pandemic never happens again.”

An independent, comprehensive review of the WHO-led global response — as agreed in a resolution adopted by the WHO’s annual ministerial assembly on Tuesday — should seek “complete and transparent understanding of the source, timeline of events, and decision-making process for the WHO’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.

When the WHO Assembly resumes in the autumn, it must address the outcome of the review process, reforms to strengthen the WHO, “including the ability of Taiwan to participate as an observer,” Giroir added.

Reuters and Algemeiner Staff



  1. The World Health Organization (WHO) is a severely, severely evil operation that rabidly promotes abortion and Toeiva — including the very, very worst forms of Toeiva and forcing these very, very worst forms onto young children. Its very first director, G. Brock Chisholm, openly stated that a key “problem” facing the world is that of parents instructing their children to be moral! Its actions of effusively praising Communist China’s outright sinister abuse of its people in the epidemic and its heavily covering up for China’s gross deceptions to the outside world about the disease and its manipulations of the situation that caused the disease to become such a hyper-catastrophe to the world, are all just current applications of its numerous wicked attitudes.

    The WHO is thus a terrible entity whose whole orientation and efforts are the exact opposite of our dearest Torah values and severely harmful to the whole world. Unfortunately, this evil essence of it is not going to change with a few superficial “reforms” that an investigation panel recommends.

    Therefore, please go to the website of the organization “Citizen Go,” citizengo (dot) org, and click on the home page’s feature “President Trump: Defund WHO” and sign the petition there to President Trump to encourage him to please make his decision of defunding the WHO to be permanent.

  2. The WHO’s close friendship with China goes all the way back to its initial inception. For, almost immediately after the United Nations was established at the end of World War II in 1945, it was one of the delegates from China who vigorously called for the formation of a UN operation for health issues.

    (At that time, there was only ONE China, called the “Republic of China”; it was led by the Nationalist faction of the country. So, this UN delegate was a representative of the then Nationalistic government. Shortly after that in 1946 though, violent civil war again erupted between the Nationalists and the Communists. By 1949, the Communists had conquered the entire geographic mainland of China, and the Nationalists were thus forced to flee to a large island east of the mainland called “Formosa.” To this day, they maintain there their Republic of China government, also called “Taiwan.”)

    It is quite noteworthy that, as related above, it was the NATIONALIST government of China that had greatly helped create the WHO; yet the WHO is good friends not with the Nationalist side of China but with the COMMUNIST one! Its NON-friendship with the Nationalists is so sharp that it continually refuses to allow Taiwan to be a WHO member. Please see the video titled: “The True Agenda Of The World Health Organization—-Greg Reese” at the Brighteon (dot) com website, wherein it shows this rejection in a very insulting way: At a certain assembly, a representative of Taiwan attempted to ask a WHO official about membership. For a couple of minutes, the WHO official did not even say anything and then claimed that he did not “hear” the question. The Taiwanese representative offered to repeat the request, but the WHO official just retorted to her: “move on to the next question”!


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