Veykorei Shemo B’Yisroel… Na Nach Nachman?

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In a video going around social media today, the bris of son born to a Na Nach family is going normal until they get to the Krias Shem, where the father bestows upon his son the name Na Nach Nachma Nachman MeUman ben Michael!



  1. That poor child. I hope they will just call him Nachman.
    I once knew a child whose name was Siva. It was the roshei tevos for Sevel Yehudei Brit Hamoatzot.

    Parents please think before giving your precious child a ridiculous name.

  2. It’s interesting, isn’t it? Just yesterday, klal Yisrael lost one of the gedolei hador, Rav Elazar Kenig, the rav of a sizable community in the old city of tzefat. Rav Kenig was a formidable talmud chacham with bekiyus in shas and poskim. He was also known to be a tremendous kadosh and parush, and the resultant chein emanated from his wonderful hadras panim. This man loved all Jews intensely, and focused tremendous efforts together with his brothers to build up the old city of tzefat from the floor up – opening yeshivos, beis yaakov’s, chesse orginizations, a beautiful shul etc. etc. Oh – one more thing. He was Breslov. Which is why you never heard of him, even after his petirah, and probably while this very website posted about his petirah, it was subsequently removed from the main newsfeed on the homepage within a few hours, able to be found by search only. But then, lo and behold, one misguided fool names his kid a name that isn’t, and worse, a name that embodies pure shtus and extremist craziness, and EVERYONE is talking about it – “This is Breslov!” they exclaim, “A bunch of meshuganes!” Oy lahem v’oy lanu. 70 years of Rav Kenig’s unimaginable avodas Hashem eludes our collective radar, but this idiot manages to make his way into all of our lives? And, more than that, we use him to fortify our blstering ignorance regarding Breslover chassidus? Something is very wrong here. As I have been telling everyone the whole day – “mitzvah SHELO lifarseim.” This video is motzi shem ra on an entire segment of Jews who feels just as indignant about this video as you do, not despite, but BECAUSE their identifying as Breslover chassidim. Spreading it around only fortifies the preconcieved notions of the simpleminded masses who lack the intellectual capacity to make a simple distinction between the mainstrem of a movement and its extremist fringes which the mainstream never accepted, and, quite to the contrary, rejects quite forcefully. But no, anything to promote discord, mockery, and disdain. Hashem yishmor.

    • Yasher kochacha for your post. It is to the point. Unfortunately, normalcy and true tzidkus rarely make the news. It’s the unusual, crazy, and stupid items that get people’s attention and result in more clicks. This is the world we live in today, R”L.

      Olam hafuch ra’isi.

  3. Beautiful, so connected to a Tzadik.
    BH the rest of Klal Yisroel are professionals at knocking our own, maybe name your next child
    “Mock your neighbor”, especially if he’s a frum Jew who feels connected to a Tzadik

    • HH Rabbainu already said that he took away our (his chasidim’s) honor, because whatever amazing devotions they do, people will just write them off saying (crazy) Breslover…
      Ashrainu – how fortunate we are not to opposed to the holy Rebbe!
      Na Nach Nachma Nachman MayUman!

      • u sir, are an idiot who has to judge eventhogh u dont no jack. it looks very much that he connected to hashem and if rebbi nachman was the eans for him to get there, butiful. keep ur fat mouth closed.

  4. HH to see the entire ceremony:

    Remember that this took place on the New Years (of the sun, whereas we all go to Uman on the New Years of the moon), and on 24 of Teves, the hilulla – anniversary of the passing of the Baal Hatanya, the first Rebbe of Lubavitch who Rabbainu saved from the great rabbis of the time (R’ Baruch of Mezhbizh and R’ Avrohom Kalisker) who were vehemently against his work.

    Na Nach Nachma Nachman MayUman!

  5. Some of us may feel like laughing at the father, but he is actually more normal than money worshipers and Stockholm Syndrome sufferers among us.

  6. Note that the father’s tallis has נ-נח-נחמ…..on it on the atara strip over his head.

    He could also have used a mi shebeirach for a refuah sheleima.


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