Video: 1948 Lakewood Footage Describes Brooklyn Driver Passing School Bus – And His Penalty

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lakewood 1948It’s a vintage video by all standards, but in some senses it is an eerie reminder of the importance of driving safety, especially when it comes to schoolchildren.

The footage, from 1948, taken in the then-resort town of Lakewood, NJ, describes motorist Howard E. Philips of Brooklyn, NY, violated New Jersey State law by passing a school bus while the bus was discharging children.

Mr. Philips was ticketed and punished severely for his transgression. What was his penalty? He was required to write “I must not pass a school bus in Lakewood, NJ” one hundred times on the blackboard of a Lakewood classroom, in lieu of the standard fine of $10, while the schoolchildren looked on and scoffed.


{D. Newscenter}


  1. Very interesting. He is writing in script, non existent in today’s children. Those were the good old days. Do they even teach children to write in script anymore?


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