Video: 7, 8, 11, 13 – Why These Numbers On Tzitzis?


The following shiur was delivered at Rabbi Mordechai Perr’s yeshiva in Lakewood, NJ. The maggid shiur is Rabbi Shloime Pollak, Daf Yomi maggid shiur at the Sterling Forest Beis Medrash in Lakewood.

What is the “Kesher” of these numbers and the Mitzvah of Tzitzis, that we wrap each corner with these specific numbers?

It turns out, they equal 39, and correspond with many other concepts in Torah…
In this Shiur, we walk through some of the connections, and try to “tie” them all together, into one concept….



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  1. 39 books in the jewish bible. A clear message where your eyes must be.

    The wrappings transcend to stronger given Torah strength. Mind and spirit attune to increases when the tzitzits are held.

    Rich yireh.

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