Video: Accused Killer of Baba Elazer Acted in Movie

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dahan[Video below.] Asher Dahan, the accused killer of Rav Elazar Abuchatzeira, acted as a police officer in a film for frum Israelis.

Click below to watch:

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  1. The lesson one might learn from the movie is that our entire life is a movie and the way we act during our life time is the way we will get rewarded of punished by Hahsem after 120.

    The world is shaking and breaking from every direction, but we are sitting quietly. we have no fear. we don’t realize that Hashem is speaking to us, even when Hashem sent two killers; one to kill little Leiby Zt”l, and one to kill the great Tzaddik HaRav Elozor Zt”l in the most bloody way, the most vicious and violent way. Still we sit quietly as if we are not there, where are we? why don’t we realize Hashem is talking to us? asking us to do Teshuva? we don’t realize that we have to change our style of life, throw away the toys, throw away the lusts, and become Am HaKodosh again? We are probably getting a last chance to wake up? who knows?

    Yerushalyim was surrounded by Nevuchadnetzar’s army for three and a half years and the Jews still felt that they were the ones keeping his giant army’s at bay. They never even considered that it’s Hashem that’s trying to save them in three and a half years of fighting and starvation. They still didn’t wake up.

    If only even at the last minute they would have done Teshuva, the Babylonian army’s would not have had a chance, but we are a stiff-necked people and we don’t want to know. We want to do what we want to do. We are ignoring Hashem’s messages.

    It’s true that we are all overwhelmed with all kind of difficulties and challenges but all of that is from Hashem in order to wake us up. So lets be strong together and with lots of Acudas try our best to return to the way Hashem wants us to be, helping each other getting to the correct level of Avodas Hashem, so we will all be Zocha to Moshiach in the very near future.


  2. So what if he acted in a FRUM MOVIE? That is a kosher way to make Parnasa.. Dont we have loads of DVD movies, tapes and song performances, those are all Frum Movies in the eyes of Israelis?

  3. Obviously this rotzeach was never much a yiras shamayim. Normal frum people don’t play in “movies”. Certainly not someone described as a rebbe.

  4. There is a shift of history that is happening in our times. A Jew has to ask himself everytime if what I do is a moral issue.

    For Jews Moral issues are far higher and demanding than any society. When we ask
    “whats wrong with..” should be a signal that we are doing something not traditional to those
    “frum Movies” is a new way that our timewasting
    society atacked those values at the excuse of PARNOSO. Any true Torah Jew should consider those values well above money or fame.

    Could be that that is where this guy went wrong. since it is a limitless consecuense once the tradition has been ignored of changed.

  5. He must have thought his murder was just another “act” in his “movie”.

    Frum Yidden shouldn’t be doing movies. This story illustartes why in a tragic way.


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