Video: Hatred in the US: Ambassador to the US Michael Oren Heckled at UC Irvine by Anti-Israel Students

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oren[Video below.] The University of California at Irvine is one of the most hostile college campuses in the United States. On Monday night, February 8, Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, tried to speak there, but between ten and twelve students were arrested for disturbing the speech. Oren’s appearance at the campus was opposed by the Muslim Student Union.

The outburst closely resembled part of a statement released by the university’s Muslim Student Union (MSU) prior to and against Oren’s appearance, which said, “As people of conscience, we oppose Michael Oren’s invitation to our campus. Propagating murder is not a responsible expression of free speech.”

It was not clear whether those disturbing the speech were members of the MSU.

After the fourth protester began heckling him, Oren left the podium, surrounded by security. He returned but was repeatedly harassed by students.

Oren took the stage again to complete his address and eventually a large number of those in the audience stood and exited, disrupting him for a final time. They then held demonstrations outside the arena, chanting, “Michael Oren you will see, Palestine will be free.”

The MSU said in its statement, “We strongly condemn the university for cosponsoring, and therefore, inadvertently supporting the ambassador of a state that is condemned by more UN Human Rights Council resolutions than all other countries in the world combined.”

The statement said Israel “massacred” 1,400 people, including 700 women and children.

The MSU further said that “Oren took part in a culture that has no qualms with terrorizing the innocent, killing civilians, demolishing their homes, and illegally occupying their land. Oren is an outspoken supporter of the recent war on Gaza and stands in the way of international law by refusing to cooperate with the United Nation’s Goldstone Report a fact-finding mission endorsed by the UN Human Rights Council.”

In the following video, the man seen lecturing the students is Director of the University’s Political Science department, Professor Mark P. Petracca, who told the protesters, “This is beyond embarrassing…this is no way for our undergraduate students to behave. We have an opportunity to hear from a policymaker relevant to one of the most important issues facing this planet and you are preventing not only yourself from hearing him but hundreds of other people in this room and hundreds of other people in an overflow room. Shame on you! This is not an example of free speech.”

Click below to watch the video:

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  1. For all those people out there. UC Irvine has a great amount of arab students at that particular university and bunch of anti Semite. It was the wrong place for the ambassador to be.

  2. Silly United States for allowing ANY arabs to enter ANY US university at all. That’s the way all the trouble starts. They come here, learn on our soil,and then ultimately kill us! Wow!

  3. We have many enemies out there who are hypocritical they would have no problem using one of our worst suffering as a people which is the holocaust to deny the holocaust and plan on a new one all this time reiterating lies repeating them often enough to convince even the smart people out there much like a advertisement which when repeated often enough convinces even the smartest of people but how is this possible has the world not seen how much we suffered throughout all the generations and so surely such attacks and evil plans should be recognised and so why pursue them humun tried it paroh tried it hitler tried it and stalin and even the spanish did plus many more so why try something which is not gonna work? Well the answer we know and that is that its Hashem speaking to us begging us to open our eyes and just come closer to him its Hashem showing us how these vile statements by jew haters that al pe derech hateva should been banned from existance after 9.11 but nothing of the sort happened and they are growing here because they are really no more then a tool in Hashems hand to get us closer to him

  4. Our enemies while inflating the numbers killed in operation cast lead never have to answer to anybody and never have to address the amount of rockets shot at israel prior to operation cast lead and the 8 years of not responding gets ignored ay the world never mind the jews leaving gaza which should have been remarked as a remarkable deed considering how many jews suffered as a result of it but no no jews dont ever get credit and all this with outright statements like oh yes we will free palestine my goodness does anyone doubt that to free palestine a few million jews will have to die and so how dare anybody allow this hypocriticy to be expressed well it seems nothings really changed since hununs times then too we were neglected ay the entire world

  5. If we stand united as jews like we did with sancherev well then we have all the power to break the evil antisemitic liars out there but if we argue and say oh this or that case is not mamish anti semitisim then we are doomed but Hashem will always save us as a people regardless who will be saved that noone can guarantee only through achdus can the great act of the most righteous of the yiden be magin on the rest because when we unite we are all one


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