Video: Chareidi Knesset Members Tear Kriah Over Passage of Draft Bill

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  1. I can’t blame them for not wanting there children to join the army, (I still remember how my mother was terrified at the thought of us joining the army), but they’re acting childish.

  2. I don’t understand why do Chareidi Knesset Members still sit down in this place after they Tear Kriah? why don’t they walk out as a protest?
    The only thing I can come up with is that maybe they are not series and only performing an act like an actor in a movie? who knows?

  3. Do these people realize how foolish and selfish this makes them seem in the eyes of everyone except their own followers, i.e., in the eyes of 88% of Israelis?

    Other Israelis have been going into the army for 65 years. Sometimes they get killed there. Sometimes they get wounded. But do they engage in these theatrics?

  4. May HASHEM have mercy on am yisroel and may he bring an end to the hatred of the torah and its learners bemhara and in our days with Mashiach and the third biet mekdash!!!

  5. What a cheap and disgusting ploy. How dare they even think that this ceremonial “Kriah” comes close to the actual Kriah of thousands of famalies who lost loved ones throughout the history of TZAHAL. These clowns should be thrown out, place3d into cherem. The fact that these clowns are the representatives of the Chareydi establishment only goes to further embarras and show how disfunctional chareydi society is.

  6. We all surly agree that the Israeli army does not want or need the yeshiva boys en any way shape or form. It is the secular government that is just looking for a way to destroy the entire Torah community i.e. by cutting funding that feeds the Frum families who are learning Hashems Torah with Mesirus Nefesh for the sake of Hahsem.

    They all know that they could never get a hundred thousand Chareidim to sing the horrible song of Hatikvah and follow the secular army rules. Their trick is to use the draft as an excuse to cut funds to the Shomrei Torah & Mitzvos.

    They won’t even consider drafting any of the Arabs or even cut off their funding, but will starve Jewish Frum babies’ just as the Nazis did.

    We are now seeing the hatred that the secular have towards authentic Judaism. We Frum American Jews can stop this by threatening this cursed government that since we elect pro Israel politicians and this gets them 3 billion Dollars yearly of American support, half should go for Israeli yeshivas.

    This baloney of sharing the burden is baloney. Fifty per cent of secular kids don’t join army. Those religious zionist kids who did join got thrown out of their homes in Gush Katif like dogs and most still live in trailers with out proper schools for the children etc

    This is the THANK YOU they got for sacrificing for Apikorsim’ while Olmarts two sons’ dodged their army draft by moving out of Israel. You are dealing with assimilated self hating baboons. I would not trust them with a dime. They keep giving a hundred million dollars to the Gaza Arabs as they shoot missiles every week into Israeli towns.

    They free Arab terrorists every year in the name of peace. Its a sick government getting sicker, by showing us their true colors of “Amalek”.

    Extra funds they have to advocate tens of thousands of abortions each year and spend three million dollars for a toeivah parade in the heart of the Frum community in Yerushalayim once a year.

    Let’s ALL together be Mispalel Vechol Haminim Keregah Yoiveidu.


  7. I am wondering if acting this way with no respect and no class will get these MK’s anywhere. Only davening and learning will help the gezeiroh. These public stunt displays will do more harm than good. Not sure what they are thinking

  8. as a chareidi who is in full support of bnei torah all i can say is that this is (bad) political theater. this does little to help their cause. i guess they are running out of stunts.

  9. HaRav Elya Lopian zt’l would have said that the bnei yeshivos bear some responsibility for this tragedy.

    There is a silent cry

    “Even as/when we scream against you and beat you ,
    Continue to coerce us to be more Jewish.

    Worry more about us.
    Rip your shirts over where we are holding”

  10. The one with the handcuffs is priceless!!
    Chalk one up for Reb Meir Porush.
    And the chareidi MK’s should be saluted for ripping kriyah.

  11. We are now seeing the hatred that the secular zionist have towards authentic Judaism. We Frum American Jews can stop this by threatening this cursed government that since we elect pro Israel politicians and this gets them 3 billion Dollars yearly of American support, half should go for Israeli yeshivas.

  12. with regards to #5 ME, unfortunately It is they wo are creating the chilul hashem as evidenced by this “Kriah” act. For Moshiach to come, those who wait for him need to stop waiting and rather act for him.

  13. To #7, “WE CAN STOP THIS”, your ranting is the essence of stupidity, hatred, and prejudice. From your opening statement to your closing statement, these vile diatribes could just as easily have come from others

  14. # 3

    So stop serving,
    but if you want waste your lives ,your problem.

    The state had some value worth serving(to real israelis in e.g. Beit She’an) if it was somehow
    now it should just dissolve

  15. #’s 1,4,6,8,10 and 11:
    It’s pretty clear that you have no idea how the Knesset works.

    Most Americans imagine the Knesset to be like Congress in terms of how its members conduct themselves.

    It’s totally not.

    The Knesset is a circus. Anyone who has ever followed Israeli politics knows how utterly ridiculous the place can be. It’s a total free-for-all there.

  16. Everyone is expressing their opinion
    Abt the behavior of the charedi members of
    The Knesset I wonder how they would
    React if someone pull their children from
    Yeshiva and throw them into the secular environment
    Of the army hashemyerachem

  17. To those that feel what they did was childish: I say “Wake Up!”. Start feeling proud for what we stand for and stop looking at yourself from everyone’s perspective with the exception of your own. Stand up for what you believe in and be a proud “Torah” jew…

  18. I’m very surprised at some of the comments. The amount of anti-Torah rhetoric and flat out sinah that has gone into this policy should make us realize what exactly what we’re dealing with. They not only want haredim to serve but they want hesder to serve more as well. Even the “policies” of marriage etc. are aimed at shooting down any semblance of Torah. All from a man and his father who have spread propaganda against charedim throughout their very unrespectable lives. Not only that but good ol’ Yair got out of his intense “duty to the State” by writing for a newspaper. So much for those poor old Moms waiting sleepless through the night. So, I can certainly understand why the charedi MKs are reacting this way, even if it seems “overboard” to some. Would it bother you to go overboard, if you thought that everyone around you was ignoring (at best)the most important fundamentals of society? What are they supposed to do anyway, sip some Neviot and say better luck next time? so, the only people that I don’t get at all are the people who are frum but they sit back and don’t say anything when there is a great spiritual danger, but if a charedi MK goes “overboard” oy vavoy. I think that this very parve reaction is the result of an all too unclear understanding of what our view on the matter should be.
    So let’s be clear. Frum Jews are a committed, sophisticated, and healthy group of people whose ideals are rooted in the Torah. If the State wants to take that away (and break with the policy that adopted for 65 years) then we sever our connection to it.

  19. why did you remove the best part? It was awesome watching R Porush handcuff himself to the podium.

    For those who feel we should be quiet, look at the story of Iyov, who kept quiet and got punished. If it hurts you cry! So cry we did!
    I was so proud that they were ready to stand up to the Torah haters in the gov’t who want us the chareidim disappear as much as the Arabs want Israel to disappear into the sea lo aleinu!


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