Video: Donald Trump On Face the Nation Today

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump sat down with CBS’ “Face the Nation” to discuss his views and other campaign issues. The following interview aired today.



  1. Trump tries portraying anyone from Republican Party who is anti-Trump as establishment panicked about their cushy jobs. Like most of what Trump says, no one even dissects this statement and wonders if it makes any sense. Can someone explain to me why if someone cared solely for the GOP, he would fight Trump the way it’s being fought. The best thing for the GOP is definitely not for a brokered convention or a third party candidate. The only reason to fight Trump is because you believe he poses an existential threat to America and all that it stands for. If you only cared for your job and your party, you would either say nothing or do a Christie move. I am a card carrying member of the #NeverTrump campaign because I am an American before a Republican.

  2. Don’t be a naar.
    He is a strong and direct person who is not afraid to say the truth.
    We must vote for TRUMP.

  3. oh, and the others are? what exactly is “Presidential material” today? What could he do that would be worse than what Obama has done or Hillary would do? And he at least has the potential to do some good, as opposed to the aforementioned.

  4. #3 does he have any other life changing policies for America, or just a wall (that won’t impact your life in NY at all?

  5. To #5
    I guess your not paying attention to what he says. He has numerous policies etc that I agree with and some I disagree with, but that’s not the point…
    He is NOT a politician talking or of both sides, and THAT’S why I support him (and btw I don’t live in NY)


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