Video: Electric Cars to Debut in Israel

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electric-car[Video below.] Israel is taking on one of the most pressing problems of our times and trying to solve it for the world, says Shai Agassi, whose electric car venture Better Place will be installing its cutting edge network in Israel first.

Located in California, the start-up that’s out to combat the world’s dependence on oil will have its first network installed in Israel, with electric cars running on local roads and dozens of recharge stations in place, by 2011.

Agassi’s brainchild, Better Place intends the Israeli pilot to be a model for a worldwide electric car grid. Next stop is Denmark, and the company has plans to expand in Europe and the US.

HSBC just signed a $350 million deal with Better Place, and in Israel, the Dor Alon gas station chain signed an agreement to install battery replacement points for the electric vehicles at all of its stations.

Click below for a video about Better Place’s electric car’s debut in Israel:

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 {Israel21C/Yair Israel}



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