Video Goes Viral After Garden City Cop Threatens To Ticket Man Washing Car In Own Driveway

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washing-car-drivewayA video has gone viral after a Long Island man recorded a police officer who threatened to ticket him if he washed his car in the driveway. The incident happened on Hawthorne Road in Garden City.

The 24-year-old said he was washing his 1997 Volkswagen in his driveway when a police officer told him he wasn’t allowed to do that.

“What is that? Doing any kind of work here or any kind of detailing, like washing the car – things like that you are not allowed to do,” the police officer said.

The officer said although the car wasn’t going to be washed in the street, which is illegal, washing it in the driveway would still be in the public’s view, Hall reported. No one received a ticket during the ordeal and The Garden City Police Department had no comment about the incident. CBS


{ Newscenter}


  1. What was the offense? What could the ticket have even stated?

    Just proves that the only thing common in the phrase “Common Sence” is the name!
    Weird cop! Perhaps he had no one to be texting while cruising to like all cops do so he had to do something.

  2. Washing my car on my property is now a violation? Obama and his creeps are oppressive. Boys we are in trouble the odds are these were goyim the cops were messing with…when the mess with each other…soon they will all turn towards the Yidden.

    This is why Chazal says when we were in Goshen we were safe…we kept to ourselves. Once we headed towards the cities, attempted to blend in…went so far as to stop bris mila…it was then we became competition for the Mitzryi – goy…that’s when trouble begins.

    Those of you dressing and behaving like the goy…its you that fans the flames of anti semitism …you are competition for them…return to the yeshivas where the Klal has at least a chance to get home before they all kill us.

  3. TO #1, don’t blame others for anti semitism. Look to yourself and see what you can fix in your own life! And what in the world does this have to do with Obama?! You really do have some issues of your own that need to be taken care of.

  4. Did anyone watch the video? What happened was a neighbor called the cops about this. The cop was simply checking out an issue a neighbor called in. I do not know the laws in garden city but there are places which have stupid ordinances. My guess is this is one of them is cleaning your car. Which ever neighbor called most likely has an issue with this particular family.

    To the comment linking this to obama you are a meshugneh.

  5. The cop did nothing wrong. He was very pleasant and was only ‘stating’ the law. The neighbors were complaining so it seems there is more activities taken place at that address. the residents seem to be making up stories. yeh, right, they just bought that piece of junk in Connecticut. I have a bridge to sell you.

  6. Garden City is a very, very upscale neighborhood. The people there demand many ordinances “enhancing” their neighborhood, such as, no car work in the front of the house, no fences within 12 feet of the sidewalks, no sheds on the sides of the houses, etc. These ordinances were suggested and passed by the residents. On Long Island, local government listens to their residents and tries to give them what they ask for, if voted in by a majority. There really is no “big brother” type of local government in Long Island.


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