Video: How Far One Must Go Not to Embarrass Another

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michael-taubes[Video below.] The following shiur is presented by In this shiur, Rabbi Michael Taubes discusses the halachos of how far one must go in order not to embarrass another person.

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  1. It is absolute that you never embarrass another Jew. There is one exception, however. If another Jew intentionally embarrasses you, you are right and will honor Torah to embarras him in another opposing way by the law of an eye for an eye. I must say that it might make you seem vicious, but truly it is a way that we uphold the honor of torah. When you are aggreived by your fellow Jew which is against our laws, you have a place to make a comment in an opposing nature. Just a thought.

  2. Sorry beethoven’s friend, what you are saying in the name of the Torah is FALSE, does NOT honor the Torah and is certainly NOT the meaning of “an eye for an eye”.

    The Talmud (Gittin 36b) explicitly tells us that if someone is embarrassed by another it’s better not to respond at all; if one must then do so in a way that doesn’t embarrass anyone.


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