Video: Israeli Newspaper Says 300 People at Asifa, Video Shows Several Dozen

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internet-asifa-no-one-there1[Video below.] A recent asifa was held in Eretz Yisroel for mechanchim to discuss the prevalent dangers of the internet. The Israeli Yated Ne’eman, which ran a report on the event, stated that some 300 educators had taken part in the gathering.

Video of the event, however, shows no more than several dozen people in the audience, with countless empty chairs.

Perhaps someone needs a new calculator.

Note: The Israel Yated Ne’eman is not connected or affiliated in any way with the American newspaper that goes by the same name.

Click below to watch the video:

[media id=452 width=400 height=300]

{Yair Israel}


  1. Sad that there werent more people there to learn about the dangers of the web so that they can properly guide the youth of today.

    Why make light of the light attendance instead of decrying it?

  2. It is really not news to say that a newspaper doesnt’ report everything the way it actually happened. Just last week an internet site claimed the photo was of Dov Hikind talkin to rabbonim, when he was really talking to David Paterson. Would they ahve liked the newspapers to make a splashy headline about that?

  3. Well, we all understand the newspapers have a big interest in making this ban work and keeping (or making) the momentum…

  4. 5, I’ll tell you what the point is, as I hinted earlier. The newspapers have a double interest in deemonizing the GOOD sites, besides for ads, also for this reason alone: the free flow of info forces them to be honest and acurate.

    Of course parents and Mechanchim should gather and remind everyone of the dangers of the web, which’s nothing new, but there’s also an element of controll.

  5. all news outlets have a diff way of counting, when they say 10,000 is about 1,000 so that means 10%, accordingly 300 means 30.

  6. The truth is the subject is overdone already. Menahalim and rebbeim have other concerns to deal with also, substance abuse, learning difficulties, getting boys into yeshiva gedola, smoking, drinking, and lack of physical outlets. INTERNET is a problem yet one of many…

  7. Valid and important point.

    I would hope that you would be more critical now re stories you run on this site along such lines. One regular feature comes to mind especially, where the author regularly engages in substantial embellishment, if not worse.


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