Video: Israeli TV Airs Fascinating 4 Minutes with Chacham Ovadia Yosef

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rav-ovadiah-yosef[Video below.] This week, director Ben Sheni and photographer Uriel Sinai  received rare permission to photograph and video Chacham Ovadia Yosef in his apartment and shul. The result is a fascinating four- minute video collage of one of the greatest Torah minds of our generation.

May Chacham Ovadiah be gebentched with arichas yomim to continue teaching and inspiring Yidden the world over.

Click below to watch:

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{Yair Israel}


  1. The Chacham shlita came to my Seminary numerous times to speak to my talmidos. During his speech he would quote psukim from throughout Tanach as though he was reading it from a paper. That you don’t see too often. We should be zoche that he has Arichas Yomim.

  2. To “A Yid”– you probably would not be fascinated by anything other than yourself. The thought of you finding something negetive to voice and picking a word to be the basis of your argument is just indicative of your own small stature…Sorrry R.yid. Why don’t you go and try to figure out what is really bothering you.
    Instead of your focus on the “FASCINATING”,please focus on your “FRUSTRATED”.
    I can’t believe that someone out there would actually come in with an argument on his video.
    P.S. And by the way, anytime the “focus” is on an ehrlicher yid, a tzaddik…it IS fascinating!Wonder what does fascinate you.

  3. I am as big a follower of the Chacham as there is and appreciate the video. My father received Semicha from the Chacham and he married my parents more than 30 years ago. However, I do not appreciate the clip in there where someone talks about Rabbi Amselem. I myself have no opinion on the matter and I follow the Chacham to the T, but I dont understand the need for the part of the video being there. Unfortunately Politics is a part of the Chacham’s life, it does not have to be the part we see of him.

  4. To me it is wonderful to see this. I don’t go
    to Israel often, and even when I do, I would not
    see the Chacham. Ad Meah V’esrim Shana.


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