Video: Jews Unite in Song at Site of Today’s Vehicular Terror Attack on Rechov Malchei Yisroel, in Yerushalayim




{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. I don’t know I viscerally have a mixed reaction to this. I understand the motives behind the singing. But is still Seems inappropriate to me.

  2. Response to Not so sure: Um, I think they know that. They’re trying to be mischazek themselves on an emotional level in terrifying circumstances. I’m ‘not so sure’ your condescending, judgemental attitude towards your fellow Jews is appropiate.

  3. I think that is very heartwarming! N that’s unity! That HASHEM does want from us!!! It’s jews United expressing our grief n comforting each a time like this I think we could all use it, may HaShem bring mashiash n may we all be saved.

  4. Look. For someone from a slightly different generation it does seem a bit odd, however, let’s be honest, if we look back at things that we do we’ll find many things our grandparents didn’t do. Every generation has it’s means of expression, and things like these are bound to change.

    [Is it from a foreign influence? – could be, but Hashem does expect a certain amount of influence, which is our job to turn around and use it properly. just like the nigunim of Polish yidden 300 years ago weren’t anything like in Morocco.]

  5. They are Hatzalah members. They’re the ones who have to deal with the carnage. This is how they unwind and cope with what they’ve been seen in order to maintain their sanity. They deserve gratitude not criticism.

  6. Cohen, Look: To me it’s also odd. But i’m just not judging it they way you are since different people can have different ways of reaction.

    There’s no question that Zak”a volunteers are more “desensitized” than us, since they deal with it frequently and up-close. As R’ Naftali Ropschitzer Z”l said that the Chevra Kadisha are loosing out the hisorerus others get from a Levaya by being used to it. Nevertheless, it’s a tremendous Chessed Shel Emes they do. Bottom Line: Don’t Judge harshly. It’s the last thing we need at this point.

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