Video: Kosherfest 2010 Opens as Industry Approaches $13 Billion in Sales


kosherfest[Video below.] Kosherfest 2010, the 22nd edition of the International Kosher Food Trade Show, opened on Tuesday  at the Meadowlands Exposition Center for two days in what organizers say was the largest and most impressive showcase in its history.

Produced by Diversified Business Communications and co-produced by Lubicom Marketing Consulting, the show featured some 350 exhibits and host more than 7,000 food professionals from some two dozen countries around the world.

The number of products with kosher certification has reached 125,000 in an industry valued at nearly $13 billion in sales, topped only by Israel with an estimated $17 billion in sales. With 13% annual growth amidst the continuing recession, the industry has reason to be optimistic. The show was sold out weeks in advance of its opening.

The 2010 edition of Kosherfest mirrored some of the latest developments in kosher, including the expansion of kosher in such countries as Canada and Argentina, the rapid rise of healthier kosher foods (i.e. spelt, gluten-free, natural and organic), a much younger market with its demand for many new specialty foods and even targeted cookbooks, and an impressive list of new and exciting products, highlighted by this year’s winners of Kosherfest’s highly coveted New Product Competition.

Click below for video of the event:

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  1. Welcome to the chazerei fest. Is this the ratzon Hashem , to have a bunch of yidden running around eating like chazeirim and endulging in all types of tanugei olam hazeh.

    And the first to ask is it the ratzon Hashem for me t be on the internet will get a gold medal.

  2. Eli – what are you prattling on about? This is an opportunity for vendors, manufacturers, retailers and distributors to showcase ther own products and find out about new ones. The convention is a major source of people to build a brand and get their product out to the market.

    If you want to lament about chazzerei, there are plenty of other examples to highlight. This is not one of them.

  3. #1 Eli Its not a bunch of yidden running around eating like chazeirim and indulging in all types of tanugei olam hazeh. I was there. People are focused on building business contacts and promoting their product to retailers and distibuters. Its not really meant for the regular consumer who isn’t in the food business. I found it very beneficial for my parnossa to have attended.

  4. I was there too. Pritsus big time.

    Also there not just yidden lot of store buyers. also alot of the yiddden companies have non jews in their top management

    it business, i prefer the chicago food show


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