Video, Photos: Chavrusah Tumult at Beth Medrash Govoha

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bmg-tumult[Video and photos below.] A large crowd has gathered today at Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ, for the tri-annual chavrusah tumult which takes place before each zeman – winter, spring, and at the

beginning of Chodesh Elul, at America’s largest yeshiva. Today’s gathering outside was quite large despite the colder temperatures. Chavrusah tumult will continue tomorrow, and chaburos and seats will be finalized later in the week for the thousands of talmidim in the yeshiva.

To view a video of today’s chavrusah tumult, click below:


To view photos of today’s chavrusah tumult, see below:

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  1. Wouldn’t it be better to figure out a better system for “Chavrusah Tumolt”?

    These thousands of B’nei Torah could be spending their time learning these few days instead of this!!

    Maybe they should get chavrusos over Bein Hazmznim, over the phone or something!! To me this seems like a grand-organized Bitul Torah!!

  2. #2. Bitul Torah for sure. After 3 weeks of vacation, shouldn’t they be rushing into the beis hamedrash? I know the Torah wasn’t given to angels, but can Hashem be pleased with us when he sees this?

  3. To add to my previous post: One nice thing (other than how many bochurim there are learning Torah) is that a 0:57 you’ll see three bochurim shake hands by barely touching their fingers together, as the gedolei Yisroel do, and NOT like the strong he-man goyishe way an article published here a few days ago recommended.

  4. So who rejected who for a chavrusa,tell me?

    The whole tumul is one big mind game,to see who needs who more!!

    like shidduchim in a way!

  5. I think its a nice way to get to know each other before a long long winter zman. Socializing is also important plus finding the right chavruses now is less bitul torah later on.

  6. #9 you’re right. They’ve been golus-ized. They don’t know any better. We have to find ways to help them. Sichos Mussar, parshas Bereishis says even while we’re in the light, the darkness is right there with us also.

  7. You should show a video of those few individual bochurim who are sitting and learning in the beis hamedrash during all of this, for there certainly must be a few of them. And then we could all identify with them instead of with this multitude of others.


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