Video, Photos: First ShidduchVision Studio Launched in Lakewood

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shidduch-vision[Video and photos below.] This past Sunday, together with the rosh yeshiva of Beth Medrash Govoha, Rav Malkiel Kotler, the mashgiach, Rav Matisyahu Salomon, and Rav Dovid Weinberger, rov of Cong. Shaaray Tefila in Lawrence, NY, shadchanim and baalei batim gathered in Lakewood to celebrate the launch of its first ShidduchVision studio.

ShidduchVision, under the haskamah of gedolim, consists of live interactive video conferencing which enables eligible single men and women who live in distant cities to “meet” one another. Such singles now have the opportunity to get to know each other in the comfort of a ShidduchVision studio, located in a private home in their own city. Sitting in front of commercial grade, high quality and highly secure professional video-conferencing equipment, in a personal and private studio setting, they can have a pleasant meeting, much as they would in person. Up to three such low-cost meetings can be arranged before the couple decides whether travel and meeting in person constitute the right next move.

With studios currently operating in Baltimore and Chicago and with another opening soon in Toronto, Lakewood joins in the effort to further ease the shidduch situation by alleviating the financial and emotional strain of long-distance dating. In many cases, the expensive and time-consuming travel discourages people from undertaking to meet a proposed match who lives in another city. Others who do make such efforts become frustrated when the trip proves unsuccessful – which only further increases the likelihood that future suggestions involving travel will be shunned.

By providing a low-cost, hassle-free means of introducing singles who live apart, ShidduchVision helps to remove one of the major barriers to successful shidduchim. ShidduchVision Lakewood is now open and ready to serve Lakewood singles in facilitating their
initial long-distance dates. Shadchanim will continue to suggest shidduchim in their traditional way, and will be responsible for placing reservations in the studios for their singles. All ShidduchVision studios are also available for shadchanim to meet singles from anywhere in the world, wherever other such studios are located.

For more information, contact Jeff Cohn, or email

For photos of the gathering, see below:

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For a video of a portion of Sunday’s event, click below:

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  1. Anything that is done to help our singles is very choshuv. The people who have created this to help the shidduch parsha should be gebentched with much hatzlochah!!

  2. Nina Siegel is a wonderful person. Yasher koach to her for taking it on. Btw, she lives in Chicago- not Lincolnwood (almost the same)

  3. To#1, #5,#6,#7,#8,
    Not everyone is comfortable doing the video thing, but please don’t knock those that will do it. Are you smarter than the gedolim who endorsed it?
    Jeff Cohen is a tzadik who is trying to come up with ways to ease the plight of people.
    People like him spend their lives looking to do chessed and there will still be people out there who complain it’s not enough, it’s too much…
    It’s easy to poke fun- but do you have better solutions? Do you know how expensive and time consuming it is for people who live out of town to constantly shlep in for dates?
    I think initially people will make fun of it until it catches on.
    Hatzlocha to Jeff Cohen and may Hashem bless you for all your untiring efforts!! Chazak v’ematz!

  4. I bet that the yeshiva bochrim will sell tickets to their performances in front of the screen. “Hey, Berel, five bucks and you get to watch me speed-date!”
    This idea is so stupid it’s incomprehensible that it is being enacted.

  5. Oy Gevaldik!!! Mammesh no cheshash or pritzus. Koisher ve’yoisher. What’s wrong with skype or google video? Real nerdy but then again, nerds also have a right to find their ‘bashert’.


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