Video, Photos: Hit and Run Driver Nabbed in Boro Park


A hit-and-run driver slammed into a car at 12th Avenue and 57th Street in Boro Park, Brooklyn, last night, the third night of Chol Hamoed. He then drove two blocks, to 13th Avenue and 58th Street and jumped into a car service vehicle.

The man tried to escape, but was blocked by Boro Park Shomrim member Heshy Kahan.

The suspect persisted in trying to flee, but was blocked by a group of local residents.

Police arrived shortly thereafter and took him into custody.


{ Newscenter}


  1. Gotta “love” the police kneeing the handcuffed guy, even though he is a hit and run jerk. If the guy refuses to follow the police orders without being an immediate threat, just hold him down until he calms down, or pick him up by his hands and feet and lock him in a cage. The only justification to strike should be when it is the only way to prevent the arrestee from harming others. This guy couldn’t hurt anyone being on the ground, his hands handcuffed behind his back. Using pain as a compliance technique is not much different from using torture to obtain a confession. The kneeing cop and the possible arm twisting cop should be charged with assault.


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