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[Video below.] As reported earlier today exclusively here on, the Chai Lifeline Lakewood Annual Reception was held last night at Bais Faiga Hall in Lakewood, and the event featured

a personal video documentary from R’ Psachya Skaist titled “Trials and Triumphs – A Father’s Perspective” about how the Skaist family dealt with their son’s illness and Chai Lifeline’s vital role during that time. The inspiring and moving video had attendees in tears.

The 10-minute film is powerful and life-changing. Watch it and be inspired. It will give you a new appreciation for life and the blessings with which Hashem Yisborach has blessed us.

Click below to watch:

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  1. AMAZING!! Tizku limitzvus! It’s not just what they do, it’s the fact that there exist such people as well…..

  2. This was very hard to watch. I’m literally crying as i type this. It is so hard to think of what they went through and how this incredible organization stood by them. Chazak V’ametz!

  3. i was in tears as I was watching this! thank you for sharing and for the chizuk!May Hashem only grant your family nachas, health, parnassa and happiness!

  4. They are – beyond – Amazing. We met Sruli, Nomi, some drivers… every one one of them were so incredibly devoted and compassionate! They manage to think of – and carry out – everything! Unbelievable organization, unbelievable staff! The video was done beautifully. I hope they raise the funds necessary to cover all their holy work!


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