Video: Purim Atmosphere as Sliwa Shows Up at Convention as ‘King Cuomo’


sliwa-cuomo[Video below.] In a humorous but pointed piece of political theater, a critic of Andrew M. Cuomo who called himself “King Cuomo II” and who wore a gold plastic crown and a full-length red velvet robe with white trim, made an unexpected appearance at the New York State Democratic convention here.Underneath the costume, the man mocking Mr. Cuomo’s official designation as the Democratic candidate for governor was Curtis Sliwa, the radio host and a founder of the Guardian Angels.

Mr. Sliwa was trailed by a portly town crier, dressed in a more subdued suit and tie, carrying a plastic horn, and “Lady Godiva,” a fully clothed woman with shoulder-length hair who carried a plastic bag full of satin petals in red, white and blue that she threw into the air at his command.

Mr. Sliwa derided Mr. Cuomo for the political advantages he has enjoyed as the son of Mario M. Cuomo and satirized Mr. Cuomo’s aversion for extended dealings with the press.

Addressing a room of journalists, Mr. Sliwa said, “From now on, scribes, understand this: I will make myself available on a random basis for those of you who choose to be sycophants, toadies and lackeys.”

Mr. Sliwa said he would ban all interviews, especially sit-down interviews by the local television station New York 1, which has run a clock, counting the number of days since Mr. Cuomo last appeared on the station.

Though Mr. Sliwa seemed to relish delivering his prepared remarks, he declined to take questions from a reporter.

Spoofing language Mr. Cuomo employed in his acceptance speech for the nomination for governor, Mr. Sliwa said he would visit all 62 “fiefdoms in Cuomolot.”

After wandering the hallway for a bit, Mr. Sliwas was unceremoniously escorted out of the hotel by security.

Click below to watch the video:

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{NY Times Blog/ Newscenter}



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