Video: Rabbi Levin Addresses Hispanic Evangelicals, is “Ashamed” of His People

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yehudah-levin[Video below.] In the following video, Rabbi Yehuda Levin is seen addressing 20,000 Hispanic Evangelicals at a rally against to’eivah marriage. Rabbi Levin says he “ashamed and embarrassed” and “Where are my people?” Click below to watch. Rabbi Levin is the rabbi of Congregation Mevakshei Hashem of Brooklyn and a member of the advisory committee of the organization of Jews Against Anti-Christian Defamation. He supports Christian

Evangelicals on efforts opposed to to’eivah rights and other morality based issues.

Click below to watch:

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  1. as usual, yehudah levin knows better than everyone else, better than all the gedolim and all the jews in the world. frankly, i have had enough. but thanks for posting this so people can see what this act is all about. it’s a joke. yelling in front of 20,000 areilim? that makes hashem proud?

  2. why doesnt he get up and shout about things that affect us directly . scream about child abusers and shout at schoolls and principals who harbor child abusers!

  3. Yehuda Levin also likes to protect those that refuse to give a get to their estranged wives, after a psak from a Zablah Bais-Din.

    But on the other hand he has stood up relentesly for many good causes.

    I think he can be convinced to take up the abuse of children.

  4. Rabbi Leviv,

    As always you are Leshem Shamoyim.

    To # 3 this does effect us, and he does speak on the abuse issues. Listen to the hotline (212) 461-2852, and his website “thefearkashes”

  5. HaShem yerachem… Doesn’t this man have anything to do with his life and with his time? Is this his “congregation” ?

  6. Yasher koach to Rav Levin. My respect for him has increased tremendously. We have to be a light unto the nations. If the goyim see that we do not respond properly to the toe’im, they will look down on us. Our non-response will only give the goyim justification to commit anti-semitism.

  7. we are shamed that this guy is one of us or that he thinks he represents us. he is an embarassment to all jews and is putting us in more danger with these shenanigans which cause worse damage than any state senate bill he thinks will be so bad for us. what a freakshow

  8. Come on you naysayers! that was a awesome speach, halevai the olum by our shmuzzim would be in to it like that! praise the lord

  9. Rabbi Levin is painfully right. It’s a Chilul Hashem that we frum or rather Moral jews stand by and don’t protest, ring Sheldon Silver and all politicians phones off the hook.Shame on you bloggers who don’t see the truth and have the chutzpa to be Malbin Pnei Chaveiroy Brabim for doing the right thing.

  10. When we have a “frum” rosha speaker Silver that is mechalel shaim shomayim b’rabim who supports same gender unions and abortive retzicha we need someone like Rav Levin to tell the truth Toiras Emes vekayum l’ad!

  11. Rabbi Levin made an amazing Kiddush Hashem! Halivey we had more leaders like him! Shame on all the pacificst’s for not speaking out!

  12. Can anyone address my post? Maybe I should watch the video to get the context but I don’t get how he can be malshin fellow yiddin; was his audience truly so morally superior?

  13. Elireb, Rabbi Levin has a very nice shul, free for anybody on Rosh HaShono/Yom Kippur in lower East 30s/Nostrand

  14. I certainly dont doubt that Rabbi Levin choked on his kosher Salami when told that Paladino had backed away from his antigay comments whilst on the campaign trail.


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