Video: Rav Shteinman Bentches the Emmanuel Children


rav-shteinman-emmanuel[Video below.] Late this afternoon, sons of the Emmanuel parents sent to the Maasiyahu prison for refusing to comply with an undemocratic ruling of the Israeli High Court received a bracha from Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman, senior rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Orchos Torah. Dressed in white shirts in honor of their visit to the gadol, the boys sang “Yomim Al Yemei Melech Tosif” as Rav Shteinman entered the room. After addressing the boys briefly, Rav Shteinman handed each boy a candy.

32 of the Emmanuel parents are at Maasiyahu prison in Ramla, where they are serving their two-week sentence. A tent has been set up outside the prison where people gather to express solidarity with those who have been unfairly imprisoned for wishing to send their children to an educational institution that is consistent with what they desire hashkafically. Various activities are being planned for that site over the next week.

The secular media in Israel and elsewhere continues to misreport, and misrepresent, this entire affair as being one of discrimination. However, over a dozen of those imprisoned are Sefardim themselves, throwing quite a wrench into the High Court’s claim of Ashkenazi-on-Sefardi discrimination. The media is, of course, going after chareidi officials, including MK Meir Porush, Uri Maklev and others, for their support of the Emmanuel parents and their outspoken criticism of the High Court.

There are over 20 mothers of Emmanuel students who have so far defied the court’s ruling to show up to prison, but the decision regarding those mothers, which has already been pushed off, has again been postponed to Tuesday.

Click below for a video of today’s visit of the Emmanuel children to Maran Harav Shteinman:

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{Yair Israel}



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