Video: Rubio Caught Taking ‘Mystery Substance’ At Debate

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Just what was that mysterious substance Marco Rubio popped into his mouth during the latest Republican debate on CNN?

While attention was focused on another debater, WORLD NET DAILY reports that a video shows Rubio subtly slipping something out of his right pocket and popping it in his mouth.

Armchair analysts have suggested every possible pharmaceutical option imaginable (legal or illegal, addictive or otherwise), but, of course, no one will ever know except Rubio himself.


{ Newscenter}


  1. how stupid of the media – did you ever see someone taking a candy to wet his dry mouth?

    The LIBERAL MEDIA only likes Trump – they will lose big time just like him

  2. Hillary was also popping pills when she went on her coughing fit but the media doesn’t dare point that out. Everyone saw the video but yet they choose to ignore it.

  3. I don’t have a clue why and for that matter most Frum media outlets are being so outwardly positive towards Donald Trump and so consistently negative of Marco Rubio.
    A president as outspoken and strong as Donald is, would be terrible for the Jewish people we need a president who takes action without all the hoop-la and someone who doesn’t need to say something controversial in order to be heard or for a point of his to be made… Donald wants to be a leader but the last thing he wants and can do is actually lead.
    We need someone like Mr. Rubio, a calm and collected man that in this unsettled world we live in, can make America great again not by dividing us- but bringing us all together!!

  4. Oh yeah, got to be illegal. Because Rubio thinks he’s Superman and could hypnotize everyone in the world to not notice this. “Cough drop” is a lame alibi. Good job, Matzav!


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