Video: Cruz Reveals Story of Why He’ll Always Fight for Israel



  1. It was patently obvious three months ago that Trump was unfit to be the next POTUS after his nefarious “No Muslims” comment. He is like Mussolini 2016 with his populist, divisive, xenophobic, corporatist/pragmatic/opportunist stance. He has proven to be a philosophical lightweight and a loose cannon. Exactly who you do want to lead the great USA over the next fours years plus.

    The Democratic side of the nomination race is boring as Hillary has been given the gig. She is a shoo in. Bernie is just in the race to make it look like there is a contest. But where it gets intresting is the GOP side of the race.

    Hillary does not want to face Ted Cruz in a live debate. Thus the Clinton side is doing all they can to make sure Trump is their opponent in the final race after the conventions. Donald will say or do something stupid, again/rinse-repeat, and thus Hillary will look reasonable. A set up two horse race. The fix is in. But this scenario may not turn out as some expect.

    Various groups have thrown everything and the kitchen sink at Ted Cruz but he is still going strong. As I stated publically in August 2015 Ted Cruz is not perfect by any means. He needs to heed some wise counsel on a number of policy fronts, especially foreign policy. But overall he has the makings of being a decent Commander in Chief of the great USA from early 2017 to early 2025.

    How is the GOP Race going ?

    In the Wyoming Republican Convention Ted Cruz won 66% of the total votes ! In the two GOP Primaries in Wyoming and D.C. the popular vote averages were : Cruz 39%; Rubio 28.5%; Kasich 18%; Trump was in last place with 10.5%. Uncommitted 4%. Non-Trump Delegates = 595. Trump Delegates = 460. Another big day coming up in the GOP race this Tuesday March 15th with Florida, Illinois, Missouri, Northern Mariana Islands, North Carolina and Ohio voting in the GOP race. 367 delegates up for grabs.

    Who is gaining momentum and who is losing it right now ?

    It’s an interesting race… 12790

    Will things pan out like this race ? Ted Cruz is the number 2, blue silks. Trump is in the green and yellow. No. 1

    P.S. Interestingly and most instructive is the fact that in recent campaign discourse the threat of Zika-Microcephaly has been mentioned for the first time. Local transmissions recorded in Puerto Rico. Pregnant women in real fear now infected in Florida waiting to see what unfolds. Sexual transmissions recorded in various states. 120 plus people infected with Zika+ in all the states. Spring coming very soon. Warmer weather. Mozzie season. Is a “Black Mosquito” event on the near horizon ? None of the political strategists factored a pandemic into their plans I’m sure. The best laid schemes of mice and men… 42217


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