Video: Tribute to Rabbi Mosey Kaplan at Darchei Torah Dinner – With Some Laughs

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mosey[Video below.] As reported previously, this past Sunday, January 10, Yeshiva Darchei Torah of FarRockaway celebrated its 37th annual dinner at Marina Del Rey in Throgs Neck, New York. Among the honorees was Rabbi Mosey Kaplan, who received the Alumnus of the Year Award. Today, R’ Mosey is a beloved mentor and rebbi who brings a ruach wherever he is and is able to connect to people through his humor, opening someone up or lightening someone’s day. Wherever Mosey has been, he has made an impact with his ebullient personality and genuine concern for the needs of others.

Click below to watch this entertaining tribute shown at the dinner and obtained by

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  1. I don’t know Mosey, but that was a pretty funny tribute video. I think all schools and yeshivas should do something similar (when appropriate) to make all those dinners less dreary.

  2. baruch hashem theres an outlet for bochrim who R”L wear jeans and sweatshirts. what would we do without role models like mosey?

  3. leibadik what is wrong with you? “bochrim who R”L wear jeans and sweatshirts”? are you crazy that’s what you think mosey is doing trying to keep guys from from wearing jeans and sweatshirts?


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