Video: Trump Sends Cease and Desist Letter Over Cruz Ad

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Ted Cruz’s campaign is refusing to pull an attack ad against Donald Trump, which the billionaire’s lawyers are labeling defamatory sending a cease and desist letter to Cruz and two top members of his campaign, THE DAILY MAIL reports.

The Cruz camp sent a lengthy rebuttal to reporters today after a press conference that said the ad, which questions whether the Republican frontrunner is really pro-life, will not be scrapped ‘because it is accurate and factual whether Mr. Trump and his army of lawyers agrees or not.’

‘In fact, they now plan to air the ad with greater frequency,’ the statement said of Cruz and his campaign.

Trump doubled down in his own response, labeling Cruz again a ‘liar,’ his favorite insult for the Texas senator this week.

‘He is a liar and these ads and statements made by Cruz are clearly desperate moves by a guy who is tanking in the polls – watching his campaign go up in flames finally explains Cruz’s logo,’ Trump said.

Yesterday, Jeffrey Goldman, a lawyer representing Trump, sent a letter to Cruz, Chad Sweet, Cruz’s campaign chairman and Jeff Roe, Cruz’s campaign manager.

At the press conference Cruz waved the letter around and taunted Trump.

‘Mr Trump you have been threatening frivolous lawsuits for your entire adult life,’ Cruz said, according to the Guardian. ‘Even in the annals of frivolous lawsuits this takes the cake. And so, Donald, I would encourage you, if you want to file a lawsuit challenging this ad, claiming it is defamation, file a lawsuit.’

The letter ‘demanded,’ as the Cruz team put it, that the Texas senator’s campaign stop running the ad ‘Supreme Trust,’ which is currently on the airwaves in South Carolina as Republicans from that state head to the polls on Shabbos.


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  1. Trump is making a total fool out of himself. He just doesn’t get it. He had shown the world that he is to weak to run for office. He is a spoiled brat who never had to shovel the snow in front of his house. Politics doesnt work that way. He is an embarrassment.

  2. His foreign policies have the coherence and consistency that you’d normally find only within the cheap seat occupants at a sporting event after the beer vendors have paid several visits.
    Our front-runner. We’re so proud.

  3. Trump was o. A good roll, he broke the idiotic cancer known as “political correctness” and he was taking the media away from the Evil Dems. BUT, then he attacked Cruz, the only other guy still fighting for conservative values without calling for political correctness, that’s when Trum lost many of us, and he is on fast flight down a cliff!!


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