(VIDEO) Watch What Happens When One Woman Tries To Remove A Protester Blocking A Bus

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    • Look who’s back! Mr. Kapo is here to spread hate on Jews he doesn’t feel have the right to follow their own gedolim, because he knows better. I’m sure that if chas veshalom, one of these bochurim gets hurt from an irate driver, you will be the first one celebrating. It’s because of people like you that the beis hamikdash was destroyed, and because of people like you that moshiach hasn’t come yet. Textbook sinas chinam right here.

      • Oh you said it so well!!! especially the 2nd paragraph.

        “emes” is most likely the husband of a burka wearing “jewish” woman or maybe the woman herself.

      • Kol Hamerachem Al Hachzariim Sofo LeHisachzer Al HArachmanim. The torah requires that we have no mersey on these criminals. I am not familiar with any gadol who is against the Torah. are you?

  1. And in another video you posted, there’s a bearded Israeli officer, presumably a Jew, who is viciously punching non-violent protesters full force in the face – he even looks like a Nazi. Watching these videos, I can understand how sinas chinam destroyed the Bais HaMikdash and nowadays prevents our galus from ending.

    • Stop playing the nazi card
      It’s the moist despicable form of lunacy that any side who doesn’t agree with the other use
      Liberals use it against republicans and vice versa
      It’s like when someone in the tri state area gets pulled over for speeding and they scream anti Semite
      To belittle Nazi atrocities and lump everything in one heap is silly and is detrimental to our children and demand the heros who actually suffered

      • Did you even see the video? If so, are you equating being pulled over for a traffic violation with this officer sucker punching an unsuspecting young man in the face with all his strength?

    • “bearded Israeli officer, … looks like a Nazi. ”
      Did Nazis typically have beards?

      “viciously punching non-violent protesters full force in the face”
      what would happen in US if you participated in a “nonviolent protest” and refused to obey cops’ orders to move?

      • His violently punching unsuspecting protesters who were just standing there in the face and the rage/hate apparent on his face made him look like a Nazi.
        What would happen in the U.S. if a cop lost control of himself and violently attacked protesters? He’d probably be brought up on departmental charges at the very least, just like the cop who pepper-sprayed some “Occupy Wall Street” protesters was.

  2. I don’t know what these protesters are accomplishing besides making life hard for all those people who have to travel by bus or car to get any where. I don’t think they are doing the right thing at all. I am Chareidi by the way and I am against the draft, but this protesting in this way is not right.

    • Boy do these protests accomplish what they have to – Yeshiva boys are released almost instantly and, secondly, those who claim there’s no draft law cannot deny it because they clearly see there is one.


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