Video: YCT Grad Yanklowitz Interviews Rabbi Professor Daniel Sperber, Who Says, “Women May Be Rabbis and May Read from the Torah”

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yanklowitz sperberThe adulteration of Yiddishkeit by Open Orthodoxy, as chronicled here on, the online leader of exposing the inroads made by this devious movement, continues.

In the latest, Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz, a graduate of Open Orthodoxy’s Yeshivat Chovevei Torah and President & Dean of Valley Beit Midrash, interviews Rabbi Professor Daniel Sperber of Bar-Ilan University, who says that women may be rabbis and may read from the Torah.

The video was disseminated by Yanklowitz’s Valley Beit Midrash in an attempt to spread Open Orthodoxy’s belief that women may be rabbinic leaders and even lead tefillos and lain from the Torah.


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  1. This “world renowned author and leader” is a world renowned Na’ar. Even the left Time magazine has acknowledged years ago that the major differences between male and female are not just because of “medieval upbringing”, but in their very creation. Next he’ll say that a Toeiva ‘couple’ is just as qualified to adopt, based on this childish opinion.

  2. and of course the biggest stupidity of all is to say that Rav Chaim Kanievsky, and Rav Herschel Shechter, are “threatened” by those ladies of his. How stupid can one be…

  3. MDshweks: I listen to the interview and did not hear Prof Sperber denying differences between men and women. Quite the opposite. He said that women have unique qualities that make them especially qualified in certain areas, for instance regarding sensitive issues with other women.

    I might not agree with Prof Sperber’s halachic position, but he is certainly no fool and he explains his position quite reasonably here.

  4. Matzav should not be putting up a video of kefirah which attempts to justify this incredible chillul H-shem. This video is an absolute ridiculous attempt that does not address the real issue of mesorah and daas Torah. That said your typical reader might think that these maskilim have a good point, so I highly recommend that you remove this nonsense.

  5. I am a neighbour of Rabbi Sperber. I am leaving a comment because I feel that appearances may be deceiving when you see an educated man sitting in a black kippah and white shirt. I do not know all of his children, but the ones that I do know, are not what you would call orthodox by any interpretation. There is very little halacha left.

  6. Micheal, I read MDsweks comment, and noticed that he did not at all speak about differences. He said that the biggest stupidity is the “feeling threatened” part. Do you read English well, or are you threatened by the truth in MDshweks words?

  7. To the webmaster: The idea that all comments must appear as one long paragraph is ill conceived. How can one respond intelligently to a 15 minute presentation in a single sentence? Please fix this.

    Professor Sperber’s arguments are so bad they’re cannot even be described as wrong, Again, because of the technical limitation of this site, I can present only a single comment at a time. Dr. Sperber, according to Halacha is there any way to allow a women [regardless of how learned she may be, whether she might be Devorah the prophet, or whether she be Miriam the sister of Moshe], to be a witness, an “ayd” on a “get” or a “Kesubah, or even an “ayd” at “Kiddushin or “Yichud”? Had she done so, would such a marriage or “get” have any validity after the fact?

  8. Response to “neighbor”
    What does hus kippa, color of shirt or his childrens hashkafa have anything to do with how he’s viewed?? I must admit his ideas are kff the beaten path and halacha can definately argue his stance and I do not endorse in any way shape or form his opinions.
    But please be real, there is no need to tske shots at his mode of dress kr his childrens hashkafa. There are many great rabanim who’s children are nit exactly orthodox and we still hold them in high regard.
    Your statement of his dress and family have very little halacha left. Dont be so quick to judge, we have enough problems as jews as it is. Veahavta lreecha kamocha!!


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