Video: Yeshiva Boys Choir Goes Viral, Prompting Appearance on CBS

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yeshiva-boys-choir-cbs[Video below.] They’re the latest group to have a Chanukah hit. The Yeshiva Boys Choir is getting everybody in the mood with their song “Those Were The Nights.”

The video has gone viral with nearly 50,000 hits on youtube and this morning the group was in the CBS studio.

Click below to watch:

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. yeedin close your doors

    tzind lecht sing maoz tzur to the niggun our zaides sang

    it helped them survive the concetration camps it will help us survive golus america

    a freilichen chanuka!!

  2. excuse me but am I the only one that feels uncomfortable with this obvious exploration of tzon kedoshim…. are we really seeking a new generation that will be pop stars on CBS prancing about with their pesos , dancing with moves straight from Broadway…. we are in golus, and I wonder if this little episode in a true light amongst the nations…..

  3. I agree with Worried in England.

    I thought that Jews are not supposed to watch TV?

    Why does the Yeshiva Boys Choir have to appear on a TV show, with all kinds of “dancing around”? Who is going to be watching this?

  4. This is the perfect example of Chanukah. this is what would have been throughout Klal Yisroel – imitating the greeks and providing entertainment and fodder for golus – if not for Matisyahu Kohen Gadol.

    Ein m’Vatlin Tinokes Shel Bais Rabon….

  5. #5, a Kiddush Hashem is when Yidden were moiser nefesh to light the Menorah in the concentration camps. When they ignored the Nazi’s YMS and glorified Hashems name by fulfilling the mitzvah of ner Chanukah.
    With these little kids prancing around on National Television is anything but a Kiddush Hashem. Yidden should be keeping a low profile here in galus. Sorry fellow, but a chilul Hashem is more like it

  6. #6 shame on you it anice music video stop acuusing every one noone said they wetre the macabeets besides you and they are actuallyb using a jewish song unlike the macabeets

  7. This is a cute song and music video. I’m sure that the CBS appearance was not meant to reach many frumme yidden, as we tend not to have TVs.

    That said, the NY area is PACKED with non-yet-frum Jews who are often bored with Chanukah and do not relate to the more traditional songs. Putting cute kids out there with a relatable song (bubby burned the latkes), a current sound, and an entertaining music video has the power to bring many of these neshamos back.

    Following last year’s Maccabeats video I heard many, many stories of kiruv. For example, a friend told me about an NCSYer who were in public school but their parents let them go to Yeshiva University’s mechina track because YU looked “normal” based on that video. I was one of three frum Jews among over 200 Jews in my office, and everyone was singing the Maccabeats song. Many of them were also singing Xmas songs, but the Maccabeats gave them a reason to think about Chanukkah. I also know that my cousins – who are not-yet frum and not that engaged in their judiasm – were passing around the Maccabeats song, proud to be a part of Chanukkah.

    Here’s to Eli and the children of YBC. Yasher Koach on a great effort and here’s to hoping it inspires many more Jews to think more about their Judaism.


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