Videos: Yisroel Dovid Weiss of Neturei Karta Burns Israeli Flag on Purim 5776

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    • I’m sure that Weiss would get a hero’s welcome in Iran.
      He did. In 2006 he received a warm embrace from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad ym”s at a Holocaust denial conference. This group befouled the holy words of tehillim by davening for Arafat ym”s when he was on his deathbed and travelled to Gaza to be maspid Yassin after Israel killed him.

  1. The spirit of Amalek, Haman and Hitler is alive and well in these “Jews”.
    These “Jews for Genocide” are but a tiny group, yet they command disproportionate attention because of the sickness of their message. What next? We’re just lucky that these evil cowards love their own skins too much to commit the suicide bombings that they eagerly and vociferously support against other Jews.

  2. please do not post such attorcities unless it is condemed soundly.

    We have enough trouble with the goyim condeming Eretz Yisrael. We, as Yidden, and especially as frum media need to be more careful what we post.

  3. and why is this necessary for to show and publicize it. You are giving them free publicity which is exactly what they want? I am baffled, I did not watch this video that you posted. But, I hold you Matzav, just as guilty as they are. I have written to you several times regarding their activities which you seem to publicize always. You never posted my comments. Why are you afraid to post it if you are not in concert with them? This remains to be answered!
    Post it and show that you’re not afraid of them!

  4. These nuts don’t deserve any publicity so stop giving it to them.
    You also need to remember that nisht fun unzerer also visit this site. There’s no reason for them to see this and possibly share this with their anti-Semitic cronies. Stop adding fuel to our enemies’ fire, especially if you’re not going to publicize the fact, in bold letters, that this group has been put in cherem and doesn’t represent the mainstream frum community.

    • The state of Israel should be referred to as both eretz yisrael and madinas Yisrael . It seems to be understood that you can support eretz Yisrael and at the same time burn the flag of madinas Yisrael on religious grounds and still be a good Jew. This has to be condemned.

  5. Yet they are our brothers and we need to fix them only in there brains (which are tremondously stupid) and if they switch their ideology there evil in them will be wiped out

  6. Posting this is just pure stupidity. Like adding fuel to a fire. You give them the attention they so pathetically undeserve. Silly move.

  7. Posting this is just pure stupidity. Like adding fuel to a fire. You give them the attention they so pathetically undeserve. Silly move.

  8. Tar seen for its violence.

    The Naturei Karta should be noted in our society for their crimes.

    Maybe we can reformulate our prayers and know what to say to these deranged individuals.

    Other than that, we are correct above; no one wants to hear that they exist.

    But still, on that idea, who needs to know that Israel exists. With the report above, we will know that we do have enemies and they are a horrible experience.


    Moses is tossed into the sea and the Guilt of Amalek is made a public display for the hope of Esau and Ishmael to regain the entire world of the simple.

    So they are criminals…. sure. But none of them will ever find a pace for any jew who loves Israel. This is a crime and the world needs a war. We will fight.

    G-d bless America and Israel.

    I am not going to be one that they will ever like and I will shout “AM CHAI Yisrael”.

    The world is not here for the crack of satan.

    Never Again.


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