Virginia Cop Fired For Donating $25 To Kenosha Shooter

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A Norfolk, Virginia police officer who donated $25 to a defense fund for Kyle Rittenhouse was fired after a security breach exposed the information of countless small-dollar donors and media outlets exploited and publicized certain names on the list.

Sgt. William Kelly, the executive officer of internal affairs in the Norfolk police department, left a comment along with his donation to Rittenhouse, who is accused of murdering two left-wing protesters amid riots, violence, and looting that broke out in Kenosha, Wisconsin last August after a police-involved shooting. Rittenhouse says he fired in self defense and his defense team has released videos taken on the night in question that appear to support his contention.

“God bless. Thank you for your courage. Keep your head up. You’ve done nothing wrong. Every rank and file police officer supports you. Don’t be discouraged by actions of the political class of law enforcement leadership,” Kelly said, according to The Guardian.

After his arrest, Rittenhouse became a cause celebre for conservative media and received the backing of then-President Donald Trump, according to the Guardian.

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  1. If he were fired for donating to a legal fund it would be indeed be an outrage but he also went further and said

    “Thank you for your courage. Keep your head up. You’ve done nothing wrong.”

    That said anyone who thinks he would have been fired had he done the for a BLM rioter facing the same accusations as Rittenhouse is an idiot.

  2. I can’t imagine it says in their contract that as a private citizen they can’t donate to a legally operating fundraiser.

  3. Joe Biden is one of the worst stingy miserly selfish dogs of all time. Look what he earned “on the books” and how much he gave, with the percentages.

    2006: $248,459; $380; .2%
    2005: $321,379; $380; .1%
    2004: $234,271; $380; .2%
    2003: $231,375; $260; .1%
    2002: $227,811; $260; .1%
    2001: $220,712; $360; .2%
    2000: $219,953; $360; .2%
    1999: $210,797; $120; .06%
    1998: $215,432: $195; .09%

  4. I’m very interested to hear the opinions from all the enlightened liberals on this site. Do you agree with this as well?

  5. The socialist-fascist bureaucrats politicized every institution in this country. Hence the result: complete chaos, corruption, and destruction of anyone that the stalinist inquisition desires to destroy. That’s what happens when we the people concentrate on short term tactics as opposed to a long term strategy. Basically, we should have been fighting the socialist-fascist Democrats on every single issue, even those that might have seen as irrelevant to us at the moment. Basically, scorched earth. Instead, the dumb RINO politicians have been trying to appease the insatiable maniacs and to “compromise” by constantly giving away ground and getting nothing in return. This is the result. The only way to get this country back is for every freedom loving individual to get into the fight: get yourself on the juries and vote juror nullification when fairness demands, get active in local politics such as school board even if you don’t have kids in public school and proceed to sabotage every socialist agenda, divest from the big socialist corporations, support your local mom and pop shops, and don’t ever support any RINO or Democrat politician – no matter how much you can gain short term. See everything through the prism of long term politics and don’t compromise on anything. Become a pitbull.
    Either this, or watch this country turn into a Venezuela, by which time it’s going to be too late to change anything.
    Same thing has been happening in Europe and Medinat Judenrat for a while, by the way. So there’s no place to run anymore.


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