Visitor At Woman’s Door Tells Her That Husband Passed Away



The Bnei Brak community was shaken last shabbos after the sudden and shocking passing of Chaim Bergstein, 30. Chaim reportedly left for shul in the afternoon, and did not return. His wife Naomi began to get nervous when the night came and he had yet to come home.

That evening, a member of the shul arrived at Naomi’s doorstep to tell her the news: After a tragic fall, Chaim had passed away. Naomi gathered her strength, put her 5 year old and 2 year old to sleep, and wept as only a widow weeps.

The family is sitting shiva now. News has spread of the young mother, now on her own with two small boys. Naomi was reportedly orphaned by her own mother at a young age. The Bergstein family had been in dire financial straits before Chaim’s passing. Now that she is on her own, Naomi is at a loss as to how to pay off their debts and continue to support her family singlehandedly. The financial pressure has added an extra layer of pain to her already shocking situation.

Donations are being accepted for Naomi, Dovid (5), and Shmuel (2) now via an emergency family fund. Funds will go toward the family having some financial stability and covering basic needs during this painful time of mourning.

The campaign page includes a video with one particularly painful moment. Naomi, her shirt torn and her eyes full of pain, asks her 5-year-old if he knows “where Abba is.”

“Learning in kollel with Rav Shach,” says the boy. There is a silence in the room, as all present contemplate the innocence of the boys, and how deeply their lives have changed.





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