Volunteers Needed to Lain Megillah in Boro Park


megillahHave you always wanted to be a baal kriah but your shul has a steady one? Do you love to lein, but are nervous in front of large audiences? Your time has arrived. For the past 40 years, Bikur Cholim of Boro Park has arranged for volunteers who lain the megillah for homebound and hospital patients. Over 100 lainings take place each year. Help a fellow Yid do a mitzvah that he cannot do on his own. Share in the joy of true Simchas Purim and let your voice be heard.

Volunteers are needed for both night and day lainings. Please call Mr. Elimelech Einhorn of Bikur Cholim of Boro Park at 718.438.2020 x 7416 or Reb Naftuli Teitelbaum at 917.474.3095 , with your name and phone number.

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  1. I once did it when Rabbi Steinharter Shlit”a, the indefatigable leader of BCBP asked me to do it. I Leined five times at night and by day. It was a most rewarding experience. Chessed, and Mitzvas bikur cholim wripped in one, on this special heiliger day!
    Thank You Mr. Elimelech Einhorn for all this great work.


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