VP Pence: Trump Giving ‘Serious Consideration’ To Moving Us Embassy In Israel To Jerusalem

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Speaking at the White House for an Israeli Independence Day commemoration on Tuesday, Vice President Pence told celebrators that President Trump, “as we speak, is giving serious consideration to moving the American embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,” to applause and cheers.

“To be clear,” Pence continued, “the president is also personally committed to resolving the Israeli and Palestinian conflict.”

Pence added: “Even now we’re making valuable progress toward the noble goal of peace. Thanks to the president’s tireless leadership, momentum is building and good will is growing. And that while there will undoubtedly have to be compromises, you can rest assured, President Donald Trump will never compromise the safety and security of the Jewish state of Israel, not now, not ever.” Read more here.




  1. We have to see how much a piece is for peace. Every time some one speaks about some thing controversial or doing something that the other will not like, Israel has to give another piece of land or part of themselves for peace. I wonder what the bargain will be, we will move the embassy for ????? How much will Israel have to give this time, never the other.


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