Waqf Seals Mysterious Pit Uncovered On Har Habayis

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A mysterious pit was discovered on the Har Habayis after a floor tile had collapsed into it on Sunday, the Jewish Press reported.

Israel Police had notified the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) on the development, as various Jewish organizations urged authorities to inquire into the matter and possibly uncover significant archaeological findings.

But the Jerusalem Post reported on Tuesday that the hole, near the Mughrabi Gate in the southwestern part of the compound, was filled with concrete by the Jerusalem Islamic Waqf — a Jordanian religious body with jurisdiction to manage Islamic edifices on and around the Har Habayis.

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  1. Reminiscent of the (משנה שקלים (ו:ב –

    מעשה בכהן אחד שהיה מתעסק, וראה הרצפה שהיא משונה מחברותיה.
    בא ואמר לחברו.
    לא הספיק לגמור את הדבר עד שיצתה נשמתו, וידעו ביחוד ששם הארון נגנז.

  2. Harav אינדיאנה יונז, who is renowned for his expertise in the area of artifacts and archeology and who escaped the Nazis, has explained the nature of this pit. With his experience he was able, without any hesitation, to whip out the answer


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