Was Biden Actually Vaccinated? GOP Isn’t So Sure

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Republicans are stepping up criticism of President Joe Biden’s continued mask-wearing in public settings outside — despite Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines declaring it’s safe to go maskless outdoors if fully vaccinated.

On Monday, the Republican National Committee’s Tommy Pigott chided “it’s impossible to tell” if Biden is fully vaccinated because he “routinely wears a mask when on a stage outside, or when walking alone outside with Jill Biden, who has also been vaccinated.”

“Astonishingly, Biden even wore a mask outside alone … while announcing new CDC guidance saying you do not need to wear a mask outside alone,” Pigott, the RNC’s rapid response director, said in an email.

“He even bizarrely suggested that violating CDC guidance on wearing a mask when with other vaccinated people is a ‘patriotic responsibility.'”

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  1. What do you expect from someone who has dementia?
    At any moment in time, he probably doesn’t know if he’s wearing a mask or not…

  2. I hate Biden but he is doing the right thing by wearing a mask if he believes ANYONE will be safer by wearing it he is setting a good example.

    Back in the worst days of Corona it bothered to see politicians who weren’t wearing masks themselves (because the were socially distanced) lecturing us about wearing masks

    • Back in the worst days of Corona? When was that? Oh, you mean when doctors and nurses murdered patients globally? Well, that was before mask nonsense. You’re mixing up apples and oranges.

  3. Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg didn’t get vaccinated either. So what? The rich and famous elitists are not taking any dangerous vaccines. No PA or Nurse are allowed into their Ivory Tower.


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