Watch: 2020 Dems Will ‘Pander And Appease’ Our Enemies

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South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg out raises all other 2020 Democratic hopefuls in Q2 of 2019.



  1. Republican pundits – complete hypocrisy.
    Pander and appease our enemies ? Like Trump is doing to NK and Russia.
    Use the word ‘socialist’ to describe everything the Democrats want to do to benefit the citizens of the US. Bailing out farmers hurt by the tariffs – not socialism. Bailing out wall street – not socialism.

  2. Anonymous aka Benedict Arnold. But I am shaming benedict as he was a war hero and because of him we are free today. (He was the hero of the battle of Saratoga one of the major turning point aid the revolutionary war). A
    So I retract, anonymous aka Democrat apologized, racked with Trump deranged syndrome, begone I say and don’t darken our doorstep again. Go with all your Democrat scoundrels and spend time at He border concentration camps.


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