Watch: 2020 Hopeful Seth Moulton Says He’s The One Who Can Beat Trump


The White House balks after House Democrats demand to see the full Mueller Report and President Trump’s taxes. Is this a constitutional crisis? Insight from Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton.



  1. This Seth guy trusts fakestream media blindly. He seems to have no idea what’s happening behind the scenes. By insisting that Russia meddled in the 2016 election when there’s not a thread of proof and Trump has to be impeached for that @#$%$, he thinks he can win the presidency. He sounds no smarter than Al Green who has equal amount of no chance of winning the 2020 election. He’d be better off staying home with his new wife. What have you accomplished these 2 years, Seth, except for accusing President Trump on nonsensical lies?

    Seth, why are you demanding to see the full Mueller Report? Are you that clean and sure that your name is not on the indictment list hidden in the redacted section?

  2. I would ask one question what is your purpose in beating Trump to make the country worse or better Or is it considered an achievement I beat Trump

  3. Besides saying the word “constitution” 100 times, Seth brought nothing to the table. A nobody who will remain a nobody.

  4. I would ask these Democrat candidates 1 question: If the Dems are the minority, as we see, and voter ID will be implemented and rigged machines replaced, how in the world do they think they have a chance of winning? If in 2016 Trump won over 81% according to the NYT and Hillary did not get more than 13%, how in the world will any candidate win more than that, esp. since the Walkaway movement is so strong? Except for Democrat politicians, Antifa terrorists and some wild teenagers, where do they think they’ll they get their votes now that so many Democrats have left the party?

    • ……………………………where do they think they’ll they get their votes now that so many Democrats have left the party? Illegals.


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