WATCH: A Neturei Karta Radical Struggles to Say a Cogent Word When Asked if Hamas is a Terror Group at the Israel Day Parade in Manhattan

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  1. For this guy, intelligence is in the shaking of the head
    (maybe he should stroke his beard more, it will look cooler, maybe even smarter)

  2. Since when is it OK to put up video being m’vazeh someone – even if you think that their shita is crazy.

      • Molesters belong in jail at least.

        Problem with the internet is that it pushes a person to have conversation with people that say nonsense. I am not sure if there is a point in arguing with someone who thinks that deciding on whom to leave your kids with and posting a video for the world to see are comparable forms when discussing if it is OK to be mvazeh people.

        (thinking) – no there is no point. You should be gezunt and have a wonderful Shavuos.

  3. The only thing they could do in life is go help the murderers of Jews for 15 dollars an hour sponsored by Iran.

  4. This guy is a great spokesman. His oratory skills are just amazing. He should be hired by Hamas as their spokesman and chief negotiator!

  5. This NK man can not no how to speak correct English! That is why he is seeking the right word all the time. Ask him in Yiddish and you will get, probably a pro-Hamas, answer.

  6. No one likes neturei karta, but this guy clearly has a stutter and this video is definitely embarrassing to him.
    Take it down for the sake of his kids!

  7. This what they do… they take misguided uneducated ignorant individuals and bring them to protests..
    Nobody even with a brain of a peanut would join them..

    Btw, the Arab culture does exactly the same, they use the poor and compromised from within their society…

  8. Hashem does not let him give a true message. Hence his head turns left right left. The king asks he stand before. He is just a jew yet to nicely agree Hashems dream is in motion.

    Fig scrippy guy.


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